From Soldier to Soldier Survival Bracelets with a Heart

A few years ago, Julie told us about Survival Straps, a bracelet that could be unraveled to give you 16 feet of life-saving paracord.  The From Soldier to Soldier version of the bracelet seems to be geared toward the urban adventurer more so than those who might actually need to rappel to safety.  These bracelets, according to the info at the website, are like the real survival bracelets made and worn by soldiers.  Instead of the uniform button used by soldiers, these designer versions have a sterling silver clasp that is reminiscent of a uniform button.  They also are available with sterling silver or gold-plated hearts, some decorated with Swarovski crystals or a diamond.  They are available with black, navy, sand, or camo cord.  They cost a lot more than the one Julie told us about, with prices ranging from $95 to $145 dollars.  For each purchase, From Soldier to Soldier donates $20 to “Homes for our Troops, a National organization building adaptive homes for injured soldiers who have returned with serious disabilities and injuries since September 11, 2001″ and to and other organizations assisting wounded veterans and their families.

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  • Tim Bowmen June 25, 2012, 2:26 pm

    Those a very nice. I wonder where they get their paracord.

    I’ve never seen those buttons or colors at where I usually get mine. Still kind of pricey for a bracelet that costs less than $5 to make in 550 cord.

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