Craving a cheeseburger, but on a diet? No problem, just sniff your pen.

Are you day dreaming about a big slice of chocolate cake right now? Curb that craving by sniffing your pen. Say what? Sniffing the Diet Support Pen is supposed to curb your appetite and put you in a calm state of mind within 5 minutes of sniffage. The Diet Pen looks like an ordinary pen with a ballpoint on one end and aromatherapy capsule on the opposite end. The Diet Pen’s soothing effects are supposed to last up to an hour. What scents are in the capsule? Sweet Fennel which is supposed to provide appetite control and obesity prevention and Geranium, which is for cellulite and elimination of bodily waste. Eeew… Problem solved, I just lost my appetite.

If you believe that snorting the end of your pen can control your need for donuts, you can buy a Diet Support Pen at Jac Zagoory Designs for $7.99

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  • Elizabeth May 9, 2012, 11:28 am

    Ok, I’m with you on the Ewww. But the pink one is pretty. 😉

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