ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad Review

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I thought I would try something different this time around….instead of an invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG for the back of my new iPad, I wanted to try one of their LEATHERskins. While the aluminum back of the iPad feels great to the touch, I wanted to add a bit more protection without too much bulk or weight. The LEATHERskin seemed to the ideal (and stylish) solution to make it happen.

ZAGG’s LEATHERskins are made from ‘hand-crafted’ genuine leather, 0.9mm thick and perfectly fitted for the iPad 2/3. ZAGG sent me the 3G/4G black embossed finish version of their leather skin.

The installation process is relatively quick and easy. The first step is to clean off the aluminum back/surface of the iPad.

ZAGG color codes the steps for installing the LEATHERskin. Once the iPad is clean, you remove the center piece of plastic from the back of the leather. There is a ‘special adhesive’ on the back of the leather that adheres the leather to the aluminum.

The most important part of the installation is the initial placement of the LEATHERskin.

Press the center section that has adhesive exposed onto the back of the iPad. This section holds the skin in place while you apply the remainder of the LEATHERskin.

The next step is to remove the lower 40% of plastic and from the center out, press the skin onto the back, making sure there are no bubbles or ripples.

Do the same to the remaining upper 40%.

Then carefully press the edges around the curved back of the iPad.

The LEATHERskin covers approximate 98% of the back surface area. Which is ideal as it makes perfect placement not absolutely necessary. The skin is very well fitted with cutouts for all the iPad controls and ports.

The right side has a single cutout for the mute/orientation switch and volume rocker.

The upper side has cutouts for the earbud plug port, mic, and power switch.

The base has cutouts for the speaker and 30-pin sync port.

I have been sliding my iPad with LEATHERskin in and out of my various tech-bags (with rather tightly fitting iPad slots) for weeks now. The skin is showing little to no wear. My biggest fear was that the edges would begin to stop sticking to the iPad and curl up but that has yet to happen. The adhesive ZAGG uses is doing a great job.

The LEATHERskin is available in a variety of colors and materials. The leather versions come in solid, embossed, and premium alligator.

The LEATHERskin works well with the Apple Smart Cover. The Smart Cover’s magnetic hinge is still able to securely attach to the side of the iPad.

From a tech-style point of view, the black LEATHERskin definitely goes well with the black leather Smart Cover, looking like a nicely done folio.

Along with the great look the LEATHERskin brings to the iPad, I love the feel the leather gives it as well. It reminds me of holding an old leather bound hardcover book.

The ZAGG LEATHERskin does not provide drop or impact protection like a ‘real case’ does. But the leather skin does a great job at protecting your iPad from scratches and minor bumps. The LEATHERskin only option is $39.99 or the LEATHERskin + invisibleSHIELD screen coverage is $69.98. I find the LEATHERskin an excellent companion to the invisibleSHIELD HD I reviewed last month. As I have said, I wholeheartedly recommend the pair to any and all that have asked.


Product Information

  • - iPad 2/3
  • - Good protection from scratches and bumps
  • - Made of genuine leather
  • - Form fitted for the iPad
  • - Does not add much weight or bulk to the iPad
  • - Available in a multitude of colors/styles
  • - Relatively easy to install
  • - None

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3 thoughts on “ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad Review”

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  2. One tip. Before installing make small cuts outs the size of the Smart cover leftand right hinges to allow better connection with iPad magnets. I like the cover but did find it prevented as secure attachment of the Smart cover without modification. Also the Zagg covers up access to the Sim tray.

  3. Hi,
    Great review!! Thanks a lot for the info. Very useful. Wonder, if it fits with the zagg aluminum snap on keyboard. I have one of those and I’ve been looking for a back to fit with the keyboard.
    Thank you,
    Liesel Vanessa

  4. Liesel Vanessa, did you ever get an answer to your question about the Zagg skin as the back cover fitting into the Zagg keyboard slot when you’re typing, as well as the keyboard as a front cover when it’s snapped on? I emailed Zagg, but I never heard back.

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