Scalada Technology Erases Unwanted People From Your Pictures

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You’ve just framed the perfect picture, you push the shutter button and… a car’s driven past, there’s some fool making stupid faces, people are walking past.   Don’t you just hate that?  It doesn’t just happen where there’s heaps of people either,  Ta Proehm , 5:30am in the morning, only about 2 other people there and snap… best photo ruined by someone coming out of a doorway. With Scalada’s Remove, you can remove unwanted objects and people from the picture’s background.

When you take a picture, the app captures several images in a row and then creates a composite photograph of the missing background.  Just by touching the screen, you can banish  that offending item or person.   It’s not commercially available yet; it will be premiered at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this year. Problem is, can you really believe anything you see these days ?

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