Win 2 Quiver Pen Holders for your Moleskine Notebooks

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The kind folks at Quiver are going to give one lucky Gadgeteer reader 2 Quiver pen holders (your choice of color) along with two pocket Moleskine notebooks. Pocket notebooks like the Moleskine make perfect journals, pocket scrapbooks, reference books, etc. Add a Quiver to the notebook and you’ll always have your favorite pen attached to it. This is a great prize pack that is super easy to win. Full contest details after the jump.


1 Single-Pen Quiver for Pocket Notebooks (your choice of color)
1 Double-Pen Quiver for Pocket Notebooks (your choice of color)
2 Pocket Moleskine notebooks

How to enter:

1. Between now and Tuesday 11/22/2011 11:59PM EST, leave a comment to this post telling us about your favorite way to journal or what kinds of information you like to record in your pocket notebooks.

2. At some point on 11/23/2011, I’ll pick 1 random winner using The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to accept their prize. If I do not receive an answer, I’ll do other drawings till the prize is gone.


1. Only one entry per person.

2. Contest is open to anyone in the world except for writers and families of The Gadgeteer.

3. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to for sponsoring this contest!

Update 11/23/11 The winner is #33 Cliff Bryant

100 thoughts on “Win 2 Quiver Pen Holders for your Moleskine Notebooks”

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  2. What a cool device!

    I use my Moleskine notebook for fairly ordinary stuff. I keep notes in meetings, a running ToDo list, an occasional shopping list… basically any time I need to write something down… even just a few random numbers or simple calculations. No index… it’s pretty easy to page through to find what I need later.

  3. I can’t live with out my Moleskin note book, with a memory like a sive, it’s invaluable. It’s easier to make a note on paper than electronically because it doesn’t crash, run out of batteries, or gets lost in files. The pen holder just makes it all complete and uncomplecated.

  4. I use a Moleskine notebook to take notes of the daily occurrences at work.
    I wouldn’t be able to remember all of the things that happen by memory alone. I couldn’t do without one!

  5. I still use paper notebooks to jot down information (phone numbers, addresses, directions…) that need to be taken in a hurry. The pen and paper combination is still much faster than typing into my phone.

  6. I use my notebook as a miniature to-do list–usually just the things I need to do on a single day. If only there were more hours In a day…

  7. My pocket notebooks are for ideas, favorite quotes, planning, and other things I want a permanent record of. I use Leuchtturm notebooks mostly because they’re great with fountain pens.

  8. I am a writer and television producer … And always getting ideas for books, scripts, new television series, documentaries, etc. I love having my Moleskine notebook (and pen, in my Quiver holder – best combo!) in my bag so I can ALWAYS write down inspiring ideas before they pass, even as I’m walking into work or at a stoplight, check stand, etc.

  9. I use my pocket notebook to record what settings I use for my film camera, a Minolta X-700. Jotting down the F-stop, shutter speed and other notes for each picture really makes getting the film developed a fun event and tells me what I did right, or usually wrong, when I took the picture.

  10. I use paper notebooks as thought collectors. They hold things I need to transfer to my to do lists later, things I want to remember, anything I need to write down when i’m not near a computer, tablet, or other device. You can’t beat the portability.

  11. i have cuple of moleskine notebooks, for every occasion. small one for taking notes on the go, big for meetings, one for classes etc.
    they are my best bussines devices.

  12. My smaller journals are catchalls – random notes, great ideas I don’t want to forget ;>), to-do lists, shopping lists and sketches of patterns and designs I might want to use later on.

  13. I love my Moleskin notebooks! Without them lots of my ideas would not have come to life. I keep them with me everywhere I go, and write down my ideas, draw quick sketches etc.

  14. I fell in love with the Moleskines for a few years now. I like to write my thoughts, things that need to get done, quotes etc. I will buy them just for its aesthetic! I love pens also, I have a wild collection of them. :o)

  15. I’ve got a moleskine, starting from the front is an everyday to do list, from the back is a longer term projects list.

    Way easier for me to be able to “see” things in a wawy you only can on paper

  16. Simply cool!

    My Moleskines are full of any kind of thoughts coming to my mind: drawings, things 2do, things not2do… everything!

  17. Ordered one of these quivers last night. Then another an hour later and they put the orders together and refunded the difference in postage to my paypal. Nice.

  18. i’ve been using a bunch of different notebooks in the past but i’ve always wanted the look and feel of Moleskins.

    i look forward to scribbling down my thoughts, song ideas, and other similar thoughts in a new notebook should i be chosen.

  19. I use my Moleskine to keep up with my food, carbs and fat intake. Easy to carry around and carry to doctor’s appointments. Love ’em!

  20. I travel around 300,000 miles per year… 10 factories in our company and many customer sites to support.

    I keep a moleskine calendar (the little 18 month version) to record my “promises” on when I am going to return and followup my visits, and a large moleskine notebook to take notes during meetings. I have also found the notebooks very convenient to use while taking notes during factory tours & audits.

    I have one Quiver and love it–hope I can add to the family…

  21. Hmm what don’t I use my moleskine for is a more appropriate question. I dont use then to label the vegetables in my garden, oh wait I did do that. Umm, I dont use my moleskine to scrape up a pile of salt that can spill sometimes, oop, no I did that too. Umm let me think. Oh wait, I dont use moleskine to wipe off extra oil that can get on your fingers after an oil change that would be downright stupid. Ooh yea, I did that too. Well as you can see even in unconventional ways my moleskine is there for me. I just love them.

  22. My wife uses her Moleskin to record her Pain and
    medication records. She lives in constant pain from a lower back injury and it radiates down her left leg at times so bad that even Morphine and Vicodin does not help. She started carrying a note book every where to journal the all the details for her doctors.

    Of course she is always searching for a pen.

    This would be a Great gift to her.

    Stay Happy, be Healthy,


  23. I use a note book every day for the past 26 years, I mainly just draw in it when I have an idea for the next great tattoo I am going to be doing for my customers. Let’s just say I have a veritable library of note books that have all lost pens and pencils through out the years. If I kept a pen or pencil with the book I was lost with in days but if I had a quiver my expenditure in writing tools would diminish greatly.

  24. iPads are great, laptops a necessity, cellphones essential, and Moleskin notebooks critical! Basically I keep one with me at all times. Seems ever call and email means you have to remember to do something for someone. I put down the date and jot it down as a “tickler” file. Great way to keep up with keeping up for me.

  25. Personally I prefer journaling online. I find that having the ability to cut, paste and edit my ramblings into a cohesive whole is absolutely necessary as my brain tends to go directly from A to Z then try to fill in the middle bits…which usually does not make sense when going back to it later.

    I prefer to keep lists, notes, doodles and plans (aka doodles with dimensions) in my notebooks. I particularly like coming back to an old idea any time I am feeling creative.

  26. I am a huge Moleskine fan and have several of their journals and pens. Journaling has been a therapy for me in many ways as I find it is a release mechanism to put thoughts down on paper. Thanks for this contest Julie.

  27. Although I’m a serious geek with iPad, MBA and Android, taking quick notes on any of them just isn’t easy or convenient. Moleskin journals are the best. I use them for quick notes in meetings and never retrieve voicemails without my Moleskin journal for notes. And I have a pen fetish, too, so the Quiver Pen Holder would be great.

  28. I use mine for notes and reminders and to hold my new Kindle 4. Love it! And I decided on it based on the review on your site.

  29. While I’ve tried to use my iPad to keep notes in meetings etc. I always fall back to my trusty Moleskine for my meeting notes. Can’t beat them, tried others but nothing compares to a Moleskine!

  30. I travel the west coast of Canada and USA in my old 84 westfalia. I keep a notebook on the dash to keep track of great camping spots or unique small places to eat. One day I hope to write a book about my travels or at least leave it for my kids.

  31. I use notebooks to keep track of my research topics and sources.
    I tend to use Moleskine journals for the topics which I refer back to the most. The Quiver Pen Holders would really keep the pens handy!

  32. I journal a couple different ways. I use my Moleskine to keep track of my daily notes, and to-do’s, and I use my Ipad for meetings and when I need more room or I need to send my notes to another person.

  33. Hi – I’m am Amateur Radio Operator and Skywarn Spotter, so I often record information from other operators and from the Weather Coordinators. In addition, I record my impressions of the wines I purchase as well as books I read. I use both Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks. My current writing instruments include Uni-ball gel pens and my Fisher Space Pen, though I hope to upgrade to a Zebra Sharbo X-LT3. Thanks for doing this!

  34. My primary usage is to collect information I want to track over time (weight loss/gain). And I like to use it to capture things to do.
    I’m all over the map on what I use though. I switch from PDA capture to notebooks to 3×5 cards to Moleskine.

  35. I like to jot down to-do items, new words, thoughts, ideas, names, anything that catches my attention or occurs to me. But, most of all, and daily, I like keeping track of things that make me smile, and the things for which I am thankful. I believe no matter how good or bad a day, there is always a best thing of my day. the best thing of my day may not necessarily be a good thing, but there’s always a best thing. I have already written down this contest.

  36. I use a pocket notebook all of the time for all types of things. Mostly reminders but occasionally thoughts or inspirations to expand on later. This looks like a really nice notebook and would make an ideal gift!

  37. It’s about time someone came up with something like this. I’m a filmmaker and when the ideas are coming fast and furious, I need a place to record them! And really, what good is the pad without the pen?

  38. I use notebooks for all kinds of things, but because I’m a lefty I write from the back page to the front–and only on the side facing away from the binding. I have one notebook for story ideas and others for errands, to do lists, etc. With various notebooks left here and there (in the house), I’m ALWAYS looking for them or for writing implements. I’d be a perfect pathetic case to have a notebook or pen holder.

  39. I use my Moleskine as analog backup, broken up by theme. One Moleskine might be used for notes, ideas, etc. for writing while another smaller one might serve as an address book, To Do list or psuedo journal. You never know when the power goes out or technology is otherwise unavailable and might want or need some information.

  40. I use my pocket notebooks (Moleskine, note cards, and whatever else I decide to carry) for random bits of info that I stumble upon, products to look up, good quotes, books to check out, and random information journaling.

  41. as a busy doctor I am having to take notes from messages and record information all day long. I go back and forth between using electronic tools vs. old fashioned pen and paper. sometimes one seems better, faster, easier. At other times it switches. not sure which will win in the long run.

  42. I love my moleskine! I use mine to record to-do lists, information I want to save/refer to later (like recipes to look up, books to read, etc), and notes from doctor’s appointments, etc.

  43. I use my moleskine daily as a project manager for a fast paced construction company in Princeton NJ. Quick easy note taking that doesn’t need to boot up. Can’t beat a moleskine!

  44. Oh, man! Love thos quivers! (Might say it makes me quiver!). You see, I use Moleskin notebooks on a daily basis, in three sizes. Large one travels to lectures, meetings, etc., to log everything into. I have an iPad, but prefer pen and paper for notes.
    Medium size, one for each current project, on my desk, keeps all the ideas in one place. Time to focus on a project? Pull the notebook. This notebook is fed by the larger and the smaller.
    The smaller? Always with me to capture ideas. Drives some crazy, when the brainstorm hits and I reach to write. but I’d rather do that than have the storm pass. . . and it does if I don’t write.
    For me, writing is thinking. Thinking is processing. And processing propels me ahead in life!

  45. Journaling is how I let myself loose for a bit once a day– I might doodle something, write something, stick in things I have done during the day– making sure once a day I can be as creative as I can.

  46. Much of my personal “journaling” is via status updates on facebook. But at work I have a hardcover engineering notebook to record all my data and my software design work. I love the feel of a new gel pen on the crisp quadrille paper!

  47. I use my Moleskin notebook every night in bed just before sleep. It helps me process the day and record things that I have learned or need to work on in the near future. I always make a point to review previous entries AFTER making my current entry. I use the squared ruled notebook to help me with the infrequent drawing that I do to illustrate the more finer points!

  48. I keep all of the information about my dissertation in my Moleskine. One per year, every year, since I started Grad school!

  49. I use Field Notes Brand notebooks for all my daily needs – phone numbers, recipes, client contact info, as their tagline says “I write it down to remember it now, not to remember it later.”
    Wouldn’t mind trying a moleskin though, seems like it would be a bit more fun to touch.

  50. I use my Moleskin notebook mostly for work to either capture to do tasks or take notes during meetings. They are easy to cary when I am traveling (hard cover is my choice).

  51. I typically write customer and meeting notes in my notebook. Also have a few city books from Moleskin for the times I visit those places to write down experiences, interesting places.

  52. I have/use several Moleskines:
    One for work, which serves as a record of my daily activities. Can’t say how valuable it is to be able to go back to a single day and recover important points/events (seems my Moleskine has a better memory than I do!).
    My second Moleskin I use as a spiritual journal, keeping track of notes from daily my Bible readings and sermons I hear.

  53. I collect fountain pens and usually have 6 or 7 laying on my desk at any one time. I use Moleskine notebooks for a daily planner and journal and ledger all rolled into one and use different ink colors to track types of information. I work in IT and use a computer, laptop, tablet, pda, smartphone and all that but I can’t give up my nasty wet ink and my crinkly. noisy paper.

  54. I use my journals as password books. I don’t care for the online backup apps, I need everything in tangible paper and ink and in my handwriting. I like Moleskine’s because they are handsome, I enjoy the off-white paper color and is discrete while placed on my desk. Would love to win this contest.

  55. I use mine for EVERYTHING! Phone numbers, to do lists, ideas for my job. I also use it as a financial ledger so that I can keep track of the money I spend. I used to forget mine from time to time, so I bought several to keep in the location I use them–home, work, car, etc.

  56. I’ve got several Moleskines for all kinds of different things. One is used as a travel planner, another for story ideas and one I’m never leaving the house without is full of odds and ends, lists, maps, historical facts, quotations, random thoughts.
    They’re my favorite notebooks and the Quiver is just the best addition every. I only discovered it today and put it on my wishlist of things I need to get at some point.

  57. I want to take notes of the things I hear and see (and occasionally say) while out and about. The things that make me think, laugh, feel alive. My iphone is good for the meetings, finding information, playing games while I wait in queues, but a small notebook is quick and intimate – a different and valued experience.

  58. I have several moleskine notebooks. I use a red pocket notebook everyday to keep straight notes and other meritorious information that I should revisit later on. I also have moleskine cashiers that I use for keeping food diaries of what I eat for health purposes and a moleskine music notebook that I write in while I’m listening to music.

  59. I use my Moleskine to capture ideas and thoughts throughout the day. Pocket size does well in the front pocket. A Quiver would do well to keep the pen off of my shirt and in my pocket.

  60. My favorite way to journal lately, is to write down quotes that strike my interest. A whole sermon can be found in one good quote. As I read over collected quotes, I have insight on my thoughts and feelings on that date. Plus I get new inspiration reading them again.

  61. Favourite way to write things down, be it design ideas, book ideas, or just random ramblings or work stuff to remember is with doane paper’s grid+lines. I want to try moleskin, but I have yet to get around to trying the product.

  62. Here in the Land Down Under Moleskin is a style of trouser much favoured by outdoor types like stockmen (cowboys to some) and those who have pretensions to a rugged self-sufficient persona but are really city wimps. So I use my Moleskins to shield others from the sight of my spindly legs, and my trusty spiral-bound notebook to record details of my trips in my campervan. 32,000 kms last year.

  63. I love to write down my thoughts and notes for future reference. It’s a same that people are getting away from writing free hand as I enjoy it quite a bit. Very nice looking pen holder and in my favorite material, leather..

  64. First of all, thanks for the opportunity to win this!

    I for one am a huge fan of moleskin so I carry two everyday with me. One is their tiny 2011 pocket calendar/notebook. Perfect for writing down my work schedule/appointments.

    The second one I carry is like one of the ones pictured above with lined paper and I use that for my everyday tasks/lists of what needs to be done or purchased(grocery list, bank list, etc.)

    Thanks again!

  65. There is something primal and therapeutic about using pen and paper. My Moleskine notebooks are in my Maratac bug out bag and ready at a moments notice. My uses for them are still evolving…

  66. Everyday I have to meet middle and top managers. It is very important for me to jot down a summary of those meetings. Besides that, I maintain a list of “things-to-do”. Thus, a small notebook is very helpful to me.

  67. I use mine to track my running progress. Running 10-12 marathons/year along with ultra marathons requires me to keep my events straight to ensure I can meet the logistical/travel issues as well as coordinate appropriate recovery/taper/hydration/nutrition. TO pay the bills, I’m a trial attorney who needs the notebook to jot down ideas for various arguments/strategies. Lastly, I love reading so I am often keeping track of various quotes and lists of books to read. My Moleskine is indispensable!

  68. I use a small Moleskin. It is a running list of my todo’s. I have a iphone and Ipad but nothing better then having a paper to capture thoughts and to do’s.

  69. The following are the Lists in my Moleskine:
    1. Gift Ideas
    2. Things To Buy
    3. Getting Things Done
    4. Don’t Forget
    4. Packing List (Camping, Travel, etc)
    5. Great ideas
    6.Home Depot List

  70. When I was little, I never really learned how to write in cursive. After years of writing in print, I decided it was time. I got a notebook and a fountain pen and went to town. I am no long ashamed of my handwriting…

  71. One of the ways I love to use my Moleskin is to jot down things I want to learn about or think about that I don’t have time to do right now.

  72. I journal using mixed media for expression (photographs, drawing, collages). I write just about everything about everything! ( thoughts, poetry, to do lists, lyrics, dreams.

  73. Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

    I use my moleskine (which is a Moleskine brand daily Journal) on a regular basis to record my activities and thoughts. I then harvest the raw braindump and categorize it into a Rollabind project binder (used to be Circa brand, now an Arc). Everything works great… but the system, like many others, really needs to have a pen always at the ready.

  74. Ideas!

    Jotting down ideas, those lightbulb moments, in my large Daily Moleskin Calendar.

    Ideas of all kinds captured – reflected on – daydreamed. Great ideas get highlighted – some get just a smile – ideas brought to life or left behind.

    Ideas nestled among work meetings and schedules, important and mundane, friends, birthdays and fun times.

    Ideas are my favorite way to use my Moleskin Calendar notebook.

  75. I haven’t picked a favorite way yet. I like the idea of paper for keeping them long term but also like digital for convenience. I’m hoping to win the Quivers because it would tip convenience in favor of paper.

  76. Hi Miss Julie. I’d love to win one of these. I’m a lover of some journaling. Have not tried this particular brand either.

    🙂 @teener1970

  77. My Husband & I love to write eachother. Its part of what keeps us together. A little note here or there. Hidden in a pocket or a lunch bag. Its the little things ya know? We both keep journals, and this year we were happy to add the edition of the adventures journal. Jotting down all our favorite shows we have seen. The adventures we have had and the ones to come.

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