Softbrew Coffee Maker Makes a Less Bitter Cup of Coffee

Many people say that the French press coffee maker is the perfect equipment to make perfectly brewed coffee.  Many other people think that coffee made in the French press is too bitter and has a lot of sediment in it.  The Softbrew Coffee Maker from ThinkGeek helps you get the rich flavor of the French press without the bitterness and sediment.  The Softbrew has a 44 ounce ceramic pot with a steel mesh brewing basket inside.  The mesh is extremely fine and retains most of the sediment.  With the Softbrew, you let the coffee grounds steep, almost as if you’re making tea.  Because you don’t squeeze the grounds, most of the compounds that cause bitterness stay in the grounds.  You can make coffee with hot water, or use cold water for an overnight brewing.  The Softbrew Coffee Maker makes 8 cups of coffee.  It’s $59.99 at ThinkGeek.

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