Have some fun in the office with TankBot

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Bored at work?  Angry Birds not fun anymore?  Then there’s a new toy in town.  Desk Pets just released the TankBot.  It’s a small tank-like robot, hence TankBot.

It has three features:
1) Autonomous – Uses infrared sensors to avoid objects in its path.
2) Free roaming – Random driving around.
3) Remote – Which uses a free mobile app and a IR adaptor (connected to your headphone jack) to control the TankBot.

It comes in 4 colors which runs on different frequencies.  Great for the office drag race.  Only downside is that the internal rechargeable batteries only lasts 15 minutes at a time.  Good news is that it has a flip down USB port that you can plug into your computer to charge it.  When your boss questions what it is then you can always say it’s a thumb drive!

I can’t find the exact pricing on this but it seems to fall around $25.


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