Samsung Galaxy Note: How big is too big?

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Samsung Galaxy NoteI love my Droid X, with its 4.3 inch screen. I initially worried it would be too big, but quickly acclimated myself to the size. When I had the opportunity to use an iPhone 4 for two weeks, I could not get over how tiny the screen was, I had made the transition to large screen phone. Well Samsung is upping the ante with the new Samsung Galaxy Note. It has a 5.3 inch screen. I have not seen one in person, but it got me thinking, how big is too big?

This phone definitely stands out from the crowd with:

  • 5.3″ display
  • 1280 x 800 HD Super AMOLED display
  • A stylus
  • 2500mAh battery
  • 4G LTE (or HSPA+)
  • 1.4GHz dual core processor
  • USB 2.0 Host
  • Added software
It is very intriguing. The stylus surprised me. It is not needed, but is an alternative for some of the nice drawing tools. The S Planner software looks like a nice add to calendaring. The battery size is impressive, but it all comes down to size. Are we ready for a 178g, 146.85 by 82.95 mm device that is 9.65 mm thick.
At the core, I love that this product exists. I think this is one of the key strengths of the Android system, variety of options. Not sure I could lug this around, but I will definitely seize the opportunity to check this out when I can. What about you? Too big? Or just right.


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note: How big is too big?”

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  2. I actually like this size. I’m tired of the overly huge tablet sizes. I owned the 1st gen iPad and currently have an Asus Transformer with its massive 10.1″ screen. I also have the Blackberry Playbook at 7″ which is pretty decent…that is until they add in android app support. But the 7″ does get pretty big and not pocket friendly. Samsung’s 5.3″ seems pretty good to use as a portable handled (think Star Trek). And the 5.3″ will look good playing videos. The integrated stylus is a great addition as well for note taking. Lets hope it’s not a resistive screen though.

  3. I would love this. Depends on what you need in a phone of course. The screen is great! When I talk on the phone I usually use bluetooth, as I need both hands free to enter information quickly. When I read email or look at web pages my tired iPhone 3gs screen is just to small, I constantly have zoom in and then zoom out. If iPhone 5 keeps the same screen size as the iPhone 4, I’m gonna switch to android and get a 4.3 screen. Plus I want a phone that doesn’t constantly drop calls….

  4. *IF* I were willing to pay the price of having a smartphone data plan, I’d probably like the larger size. The older one gets, the larger one wants things one has to read. However, not much of a mobile phone user, so sticking tight with my Tracfone.

  5. It is big, but I like it. Since it has a dedicated stylus slot, losing it would be less common. Also, the larger size is really good for writing with a stylus. Already, i feel my iPhone’s screen is too small. Compared to this, it’s tiny.

  6. Finally… a phone with a screen i can see. Sick of zooming in and out for websites. BUT, I havn’t had much success with Samsung.. I got the Samsung Moment, and it only worked for a moment. So now i think i will go for a 4.3 inch screen from HTC. I’m hoping they will enter the market with a 5 to 5.3 inch screen by Feb. (that’s when the contracts up)

  7. The size looked familiar – for a reason. It’s a decently close match (though a little thinner and a little lighter) for my Nokia N800 tablet. The Nokia’s screen, of course, is smaller but it makes it easy to visualize the Note and I’ve carried the N800 before (now relegated due to the iPad.) It’s not bad and the screen would be very nice. I could see this as a phone, though I doubt I’d pay the extra for this over my TracFone plan.

  8. Sounds fine to me in size and weight. Comparisons:

    Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350SC
    5.71″H x 0.4″D x 4.1″W ; 5.4 oz.

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    5.78″H x 0.38″D x 3.26″W ; 6.3 oz.

    Nook Color
    8.1″H x 0.48″D x 5.0″W ; 15.8 oz.

    I think it largely depends on whether you wear a suit jacket where it could fit in the inside pocket, or have room in a purse, or wear cargo pants with huge pockets. No way am I going to carry my large and heavy rooted Nook Color to use while I wait in a line, but I do that all the time with my Sony ebook reader because it can fit in many of my shirt pockets (I don’t use a cover for it) or pants pocket.

  9. @Jackie Cheng & Bryan Sherman – The S Pen is proprietary Samsung technology that’s similar to N-Trig. So it’s definitely a capacitive screen.

    Besides, while Resistive Touch is capable of multi-touch but it also applies a noticeable film over the screen that would have muted its appearance.

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