Logitechs New Tablet Speakers – Pump up the Volume

logitech tablet speaker 2

Your tablet doesn’t quite pump out enough sound for that rave party ? Those explosions not “big” enough while watching the latest block buster ? Logitech has just announced the Tablet Speaker to help you pump up the volume.

Using a rubberised clip the speakers attach to your tablet and connect via your headphone jack. The speakers charge via USB giving you up to eight hours of sound.

logitech tablet speaker 4The speakers even work as a low stand, so tunes while you type  and they come with their own carry case.

Logitech has named these Tablet Speaker for Ipad  but I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work with any tablet with a 3.5mm audio out jack.

Slated for release in September and available for preorder from Logitech they’ll set you back $50

4 thoughts on “Logitechs New Tablet Speakers – Pump up the Volume”

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  2. If Logitech’s Tablet Speaker is anywhere near as good as its laptop tube speaker, I can recommend it without hesitation. Because the speakers fire out to the sides, you get a surprising amount of stereo separation. You also get audible bass. And though the speaker won’t play at room-shaking volumes, it does play much louder and clearer than the speakers built into most laptops — and, I assume, tablets. The form factor is also excellent as well, clipping neatly behind the screen and here providing a stand for the tablet as well. Excellent!

  3. I don’t think it’s “useless” at all, I play games on my tablet all the time & when there’s nobody around who cares, I’d rather blast sound through this than wear earbuds.

    I’d be curious if it’s decent enough to watch video & listen to tunes as well. Hopefully you Gadgeteers can get one for a Review soon!

  4. @Dmitriy – Many laptops don’t have good speakers either, which is why they make these kinds of add on speakers for both tablet and laptops.

    @ The Slapster – Logitech speakers tend to be pretty good for the price range, though you may prefer a high end solution if you’re picky on quality, but they should definitely be better than the iPad’s default mono speaker.

    Logitech also has a non-portable Speaker Stand and wireless bluetooth Speaker solutions for the iPad.

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