Versetta Prime Collection – Handbags with Built-in iPad Storage

I like a good, rugged gear bag as much as the next person, but sometimes I just want to carry a handbag.  I still need to take along my phone and my tablet, so I’ve been looking for that perfect bag that allows me to carry them both safely in one bag.  Versetta, a purse and bag company, realizes that many women have the need to carry their iPad in a handbag.  Their Prime Collection line of faux leather “luxury cases” in “high end designs” incorporates a padded, zippered frame case for iPad or iPad 2 on the exterior of the bag.  You’ll be able to use the iPad and access its controls and connectors without removing it from the frame.  They have a variety of styles, each in a variety of colors.  Some of the bags seem to be large enough to also hold a netbook or small laptop in the main compartment.  The bags each cost $189.00, and they are available now from Versetta’s online store.

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  • Susan Scott September 8, 2011, 5:59 pm

    A big thank you from Versetta! We appreciate you spreading the word about our iPad bags and cases. We have a special on our “Red Hot” iPad purse, Juliet. Please visit to see our promotion.

    -Susan Scott, Founder
    Scott Creations LLC

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