New Competition For iPad 2 – The HP TouchPad

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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB, front facing imageHP has created a new competitor for the iPad 2, the TouchPad.  The TouchPad comes in 16GB and 32 GB for internal storage space and is priced similarly to the iPad2, $499.99 and $599.99, respectively.  It features webOS 3, has Adobe Flash-enabled web browsing, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon, WiFi, and features BeatsAudio.  With webOS, TouchPad allows you to easily multitask.  Begin just about anything without starting an app, receive text messages and answer calls, print via wireless to compatible networked HP printers, use pre-installed software of Quickoffice, Google docs, or, and receive notifications without disruption, to name a few.  The HP TouchPad weighs 1.6 pounds, measures 13.7 mm thick, and has a 9.7 inch LED back-lit multi-touch display . It also has a front-facing 1.3 megapixel webcam, support for video calls, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.   There are a few accessories that are sold separately:  HP Touchstone charging dock that charges the TouchPad automatically with nothing to plug in (~$79), a case (~$35), and an optional HP wireless keyboard(~$66).  You can check out more details at:

6 thoughts on “New Competition For iPad 2 – The HP TouchPad”

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  2. I’d rather go for Archos g9 with better price point and larger storage, for now. It also has 1.5gHz. Well, there are more saturation of tablets but overall pricing is still too high for me.

  3. Be serious. The Touchpad is not even remotely a competitor for the iPad 2. Even HP is on record as saying that.

  4. I would disagree with Darwin. The TouchPad is a formidable competitor for the iPad and the many Android pads. The reason is not the specs but the – webOS. This multitasking synergy-capable, notification-armed pad is well designed and strongly supported by the largest technology company in the world. This first TouchPad will be just part of the webOS ecosystem along with the soon to be delivered Pre3 phone. Watch it GROW!

  5. From the reviews I’m reading it appears that like the original Pre…this tablet isn’t ready. Reports and reviews cite numerous bugs, short battery life (comparatively) and a “larger” form factor. Seems like they should have come out with a fantastic…blow people away device, or a lower price point.

    Ask Commodore (Amiga), Berkely Softworks (GEOS) whether a great OS is enough to win a marketing battle.

  6. Come on, i mean how can u even consider this to be a competition for iPad.
    Do u know how many apps are there for it?
    Less than 50.
    And what about the user experience ?
    Above all… 3G.
    Cant use it without wifi.
    Grow up guys and admit that till date, iPad has no real competition.
    I myself tried to use Samsung Galaxy tab but got disappointed and now am buying iPAD 2 for sure!!!!!

  7. Raj,

    I disagree the Asus Transporter is a better tablet in many ways than the iPad…I have both. Yes, Android needs some polish, but the iPad’s simplistic OS also leaves much to be desired.

    iOS 5 should make the iPad a better tablet experience, although it still has limitations like only natively printing to about 6 printers, no Flash and Apple’s other lovely lockdown technology.

    I hope that HP really does do something with WebOS. if it’s good the apps will come. I find most of the apps on the iPad nothing great.

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