Necono Digital Camera

When I first saw this cute little Necono Digital Camera, I thought it would make a good gift for a kid. The camera looks like a cat from a book by Lisa Larson, and it’s a very simplified camera without even a viewfinder. It can take still photos and video, but you won’t know what you captured until later. In the summer, Superheadz intends to release a video monitor base for the camera, which will make it more functional. Then I saw the price, and I realized that this is too expensive for kids. (By the time you factor in the cost of the monitor base and quality of the photos it will take with the tiny lens in one of the cat’s eyes, it’s probably too expensive for everyone.) If you’re still interested, has the camera for $179.95. They have a matching camera bag for about $16. Maybe the cute, unstructured camera bag would make a good gift for a kid.

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  2. Janet Cloninger

    Hi Bob! Teddy is amazing! He had a checkup about 1.5 weeks after surgery, and he had no fluid in his chest. The leak apparently had been found and completely closed. Even the surgeon was amazed by his progress. He’s eating like a horse and gaining back the some of 3 pounds he lost (a LOT for a 15 pound dog). He even seems happier and more out-going now. If you have a furbaby that needs special vet care, take him to the NCSU vet school. If he needs surgery, as for Dr. Mila!

    Thanks for asking, Bob!


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