Archerfish Solo Outdoor/Indoor Video Surveillance and Recording System

Most video surveillance systems don’t have the smarts to distinguish between a burglar jimmying the lock and the azalea bush blowing in the wind, and this results in a lot of false alarms and wasted recording space.  Archerfish say they have “Intelligent Surveillance Technology that’s more advanced than motion detection” that understands what it sees.  You simply define the area you want monitored – the front stoop, not the bush – and you can define the kind of events – a person on the stoop, not the neighbor’s cat.  The Archerfish Solo Outdoor/Indoor Video Surveillance and Recording System has a built-in DVR, and it also connects wirelessly to the internet via the Archerfish SmartPortal for anytime, anywhere access to view live and recorded video, and to customize system settings.  You can have video alerts sent to any number of smartphones or email addresses, watch live video any time from any online computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android phone, and Archerfish also automatically records the clips onto secure Archerfish servers so you can view them online at any time and save space on your computer hard drive.  The Archerfish Solo is $349.99.

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