Keep a Grip on Your Gadgets with the Nano-Pad

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Don’t let the iPhone in the picture fool you – the Nano-Pad can be used with most any gadget.  The Nano-Pad is made of silicone in Germany, and Viacop Ltd of Winchester is the sole UK distributor.  The Nano-Pad uses no adhesives, but it grips your car dashboard and your gadget to hold it in place as you drive.  It’s about 3″ X 5.7″ X 0.1″, and it comes in 10 colors.  You can use it with phones, GPS units, coins, keys, sunglasses – most anything you carry. They cost about $16.50, and Viacop ships worldwide for free.

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  2. In the UK, for at least 5 years, you have been able to buy a roll of similar – albeit thicker – material, a few feet square for about £1 [$1.60] from discount stores, so I hope this product is sensibly priced!

  3. You should read the info (at: of this product before you leave comments. What you can buy in “discount” shops is a cheap material made of sponge, or similar which only stops sliding gadgets on your dashboard. The Nano-Pad grab holds anything on any hard surface, even vertical. This product is made of top quality polyurethane and Nanotechnology. The technology is patented; the name is trademark and it’s on sale in 26 countries now. And that was the first ever “sticky” pad invented in Germany in 2004. What you pay is the quality.
    Can your discount store product do this?

  4. I have to agree with the first comment you can spend much less money with similar results. Yes I watched the video and while it is quite impressive it isn’t realistic. I use a rubber pad I bought at WalMart for like $2.00. It works fine for 8 times less money.

  5. T -I stand by my comment. Janet’s description did not mention vertical use, but DID mention the dashboard use that I have happily done for the last 5 years with a discount product.

    Why not post the price so we can all see what this product costs? I did not criticise the product but enquired about the price, why not be polite and answer me?

  6. I realized I had forgotten the price, and I edited the post yesterday to add it. It’s about 10 GBP or $16.50.

  7. Janet – I hope you don’t think I was aiming my pricing comment at you,it was aimed at “T” who would appear to be a shill for this company.

  8. thenikjones, I didn’t think that at all, but I did forget to include the price. I just wanted everyone who might be following the comments to know the price, because I assumed they wouldn’t re-read the posting every time they checked for new comments. 🙂

  9. I tried the innotech nano pads – they worked okay – though on my wifes dashboard, it would simply not stick.
    Mine lost stickyness after a few weeks, and they ended up in the bin.
    A year later, i was gifted a nano-grip – it seems the technology has developed alot further, since the nano-grip actually works, and so far it has kept its stickyness for 6 months.

    Can the cheap pads do this?

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