Library Lending Coming to the Kindle

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Amazon announced today that they will be bringing library lending to the Kindle. No word on when this will be available, beyond “later this year”, but I think this is a huge change. They will be using the same system already in place with Overdrive. I reviewed this back in December. It will be interesting to see how this is implemented. Is it possible the Kindle will simply use the ePub and PDF DRM files Overdrive uses now, or will they be converted?

Amazon is also adding value to the process. They will support adding notes to loaned books that remain in your account, so that if you borrow it again, the notes will be available. They will also be available if you later purchase the title.

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8 thoughts on “Library Lending Coming to the Kindle”

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  2. Bummer. I was actually crumbling a little on my Kindle dislike due to that news, but no ePub, no Kindle for me. However GREAT news for Kindle users. Thanks for finding the link!

  3. Glad to help!
    Believe me, I wish they’d get ePub and other formats on the Kindle too, but like you said, at least there are going to be more choices, even if the formats stay the same.

  4. Given the long wait lists at my library, which will only become longer when Kindle can do library books, Kindle owners may find they prefer to buy the book anyway! As a for instance, my library, which has a good selection of ebook titles, has 5 copies of “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest”. But there are 232 holds on the title as of today! For popular title “Unbroken”, 6 copies and 123 holds.

    I should add that older books, even as old as Agatha Christie mysteries, still often have several holds. Library ebook borrowing is not for the impatient!

  5. @Bob. Whether it’s worth it or not is going to depend on your local library. My rural library has a quite good selection of ebooks, but it is part of a consortium that covers most of the eastern (and mostly rural) part of my state, so there is a LARGE borrower base.

    But not every library that has ebooks may be as well-utilized as mine. You’ll simply have to check things out for your local library.

  6. @Bob Yeah, give it a check! Libraries really differ on this! They also differ on how many checkouts/holds you can have, lending periods, etc…

    I always kind of feel it is like Christmas when a hold book comes in!

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