Dog ID Tags Go High-Tech with MobiPetTags

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Our dog Teddy has a microchip for ID, and he also wears various ID tags that will hopefully bring him back to us if he should ever get lost.  The microchip is useless if the person who finds him doesn’t happen to have a chip reader, and the ID tags don’t contain information about his shots or medical records.  Teddy has a chronic, life-threatening illness that requires specific medication three times a day and a special diet, so his medical information needs to be immediately available if he’s lost or injured.  MobiPetTags of Lowellville, Ohio has teamed with Microsoft Tag to bring pet identification and medical records access to the 21st century.  The animal wears a lightweight plastic tag that can be scanned by anyone with a internet-connected cellphone, and with a single click they’ll be connected to a page with complete ID and medical information, show certificates, dietary needs, and other information.  The MobiPetTags suite of products allow you to purchase as many or as few record-keeping abilities as you need.  Prices range from $9.95 for the ID cards and identification page only, to $34.95 for the complete line of options so you can easily fax medical records, send out lost pet posters to nearby shelters and clinics, etc.  Go to the MobiPetTags webpage to learn more about how you can protect your beloved animal companions.

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