Gunnar Optiks Phenom Gaming Eyeglasses Review

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If you’re like me who sits in front of a computer monitor for long hours, in my case two monitors side by side next to a TV monitor editing music videos, PayPerView programs and PSA/TV commercials, your eyes tend to become strained from the effects of staring at the monitor.   But never fear, there is help for those of us who sit in front of computer monitors and who still want to look stylish.

Introducing Gunnar Optiks Digital Eyewear.  These are digital performance glasses made specifically for the digital user, from everyday computer user to pro gamer. The lenses are made from proprietary material for enhanced monitor viewing and tuned for close monitor viewing as well. But more on that later.

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The reason our eyes become fatigued and strained from a monitor is due to several factors: glare, flicker, poor contrast, reading small fonts, and other monitor properties which can cause eye discomfort. Unless these causes are corrected, then the user can suffer from everything from red itchy eyes, to blurred vision, and all the way to pounding headaches. Fortunately, I never suffered from the headaches but I have had the eye strains. No fun.

But thanks to the Gunnar Optiks I noticed a significant improvement in my vision while wearing them. After putting them on, I can tell the difference by

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I haven’t found anything negative about Gunnar Optiks eyewear.  I like the styles they have, their eyewear has many benefits to wearing them and enhances viewing capablities.

Gunnar has some really cool pairs of sunglasses as well as 3D eyewear with the same technology built into all their styles of eyewear. I can see why gamers from beginners to professionals would want to wear these glasses as well. They make what you look at better, and you look cool in them.

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Since Gunnar Optiks eyewear is mainly for people with fair to excellent eyesight, Gunnar offers frames that are Rx compatible so that people with sight restrictions can have corrective lens with the Gunnar technology. Very impressive I should say. Check out Gunnar’s website for more information on the prescription eyewear, and check out their other many styles from their Gaming Styles to their Tech Styles to their Creative Styles.

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Product Information

Manufacturer:Gunnar Optiks
  • Gunnar i-AMP technology.
  • Improves viewing digital devices.
  • Decreases eye fatigue.
  • Cool styles.
  • None

10 thoughts on “Gunnar Optiks Phenom Gaming Eyeglasses Review”

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  2. Not sure about your but my Gunnar gives me a reflective glare on the glasses itself. Tried it on different lighted areas and even outdoors. It’s probably just bad luck on the angle of how the lens and my eyes line up on.

    1. Fred
      I think the benefit is looking through the coated lens with the lens technology. If you dim your screen then you just have a dim screen. I know when I am editing and constantly looking at my screens I need my screen bright up so I can see if there aren’t any hot spots on my highlights as well as seeing the “crispness” of any graphics. The Gunnars have lessened the glow of the highlights but still allow me to see any highlight blowouts.

  3. I do spend a lot of time in front of a monitor.

    I’m very interested in this product as a means to read ibooks and other content on a non-Kindle device (i.e. an ipad). What is your thinking with this other intended use?

    1. Jane
      Gunnar claims that their eyewear is for all digital devices so an iPad or other e-reader should be in that category. I received an email from Gunnar and I was informed that the eyewear should show improvement with the smart phones as well.

  4. any scientific facts aside the personal opinion? no offense, but “I noticed a significant improvement” is not exactly the argument that’d convince me to spend $100 on glasses. might as well be Placebo.
    I’m only asking because I am dealing with screens about 90% of my awake time.

    1. @andix
      actually, according to a supplied Study Brochure Gunnar did a market test in March-April, 2009 with 153 patients. The patients were assessed 3 times during the 4 week test. The initial visit was the prescription of the eyewear, the 2nd visit was assessment of the 1st week of use and experience, and the 3rd visit was the more extensive assessment after the 4th week where the patients symptoms, vision and perception were assessed with a patient questionnaire. 80% reported less tired when wearing the Gunnars. 79% said wearing the eyewear increased productivity. 69% reported increased ability to focus when wearing them.
      For me, I can say that the Gunnars did show improvements in my focus and eye fatigue. If you can get a pair to try on I say do so. But if you would like more scientific facts feel free to contact Gunnar and see if they can supply you with some. I have had very good luck in customer service. I was even initially contacted by Jennifer Michelsen, who is the co-founder. For me that is a nice gesture and not just a rep who is trying to act as a liaison for the company. She answered my questions right away.

  5. $100 for custom lenses (let alone frames plus lenses) is cheap! I only buy new frames & lenses every 3-4 years and easily drop $400 plus, especially now that I’ve moved into the “progressive” category. While the coatings & formulas have gotten better, I still feel a fair amount of eye fatigue at the end of the day. Not sure the style of these is my speed, but I’ll be sure to ask next time I get lenses for something similar in a more conservative option.

  6. Spock from Future

    I’ve just tried a Sheadog Crystalline I bought a couple days ago. Shipping was quick. However the glasses are far from the ad poster. The frame has sharp edges, feels like it’s made of cheap cut/folded alu sheet. The glasses or “plastics” are NOT CLEAR, they are shifting color. I edit a lot of photos, which is why I bought them but they are USELESS as they will change color. I’ve got a good calibrated display & the lens shifts everything towards blue. My sight is perfect & saw ZERO advantages in a half day use. Can’t see any less glare, or more contrast not to mention the other tech-mambo-jumbo you can read in the description. Seriously! There is a lot of BS tehre. The probably used gamma ray technology and RedMatter52 to induce the optoelectric catalyst factor in the lens coating.
    In fact it seems like it has LESS CONTRAST & DETAILS. I also tried them on my 42″ TV & got the same result. Clearly less details. I also see more reflections (from behind me too).

    Don’t trust paid ads, testers who were “given” one of these, people/kids on youtube who want to be cool or who never had a calibrated screen & ppl who believe in everything “from the internets” :)). Bottom line is this is placebo and/or your eyes are not 20/20 to start with and since these lenses magnifying a little it actually helps you. Now try a pair of $99 cents .25 or whatever you need from a local store and you’ll most likely have the same effect.
    If your vision is good this are useless.
    This was a big waste of time. I want my money back!

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