The SmartShopper gets Smarter

Several years ago I reviewed the SmartShopper grocery list recording device. The SmartShopper has been recently upgraded with a smaller design and extra features like a built in timer, ability to keep two lists and ways to sort the list by your store layout. The SmartShopper still doesnโ€™t require ink, but it does use small rolls of thermal paper which cost $10.99 per 3/pk. The SmartShopper itself is $79.99 and can be purchased here. How do you keep your grocery list? Can you believe that I still do it the old school way with paper and pencil? Shocking isnโ€™t it?!

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7 thoughts on “The SmartShopper gets Smarter”

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  2. I use the MacGourmet application for OS X, and the companion app for iPhone. I keep all of my recipes in the Mac application, build meal plans for the week, and it builds shopping lists for me from those meal plans. I then sync the shopping lists over to my iPhone, and that’s it.

    Still waiting on the iPad app, so I can have my recipes in the kitchen without needing to find a place for my computer.

  3. We, as a family, use OurGroceries & have been extremely impresses with its simplicity and functionality. we maintain shopping lists, packing lists and weekly menus. Best of all it’s FREE and works on PC/Apple/Blackberry/Android platforms!

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