Giant Pencil Touchscreen Stylus

I’m reminded of the scene in Crocodile Dundee when Dundee looks at the knife held by the would-be mugger, pulls out his own knife, and says something like “that’s not a knife – this is a knife!”  Now this is a stylus!  This Giant Pencil Touchscreen stylus from ThinkGeek dwarfs other styli I’ve seen, and it looks like what you’d expect based on the name – a big, red pencil with a pink eraser.  The tip is made of conductive rubber, so you can use the stylus for capacitive or resistive touchscreens.  The Giant Pencil Touchscreen Stylus is $9.99.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Pencil Touchscreen Stylus”

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  2. Normally I think styli defeat the purpose of finger-friendly capacitive screens in the first place, but this one looks pretty cool. And I love the “suckUK” logo on it. Gives it a bit of a cheeky feel that goes with the “haha look at me” stylus.

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