Know When it’s Time for Tea with the Boil Buoy Boiling Water Chime

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Quirky’s latest community developed product is the Boil Buoy kitchen gadget. Its function is to let you know when your water is boiling on the stove. The Boil Buoy is made from 100% food and heat-safe materials and features a small buoyant chime that sits in your pot and rings when the water starts boiling. You know the old saying “a watched pot never boils”… now instead of looking, you can just listen for it 🙂 The Boil Buoy is currently in pre-sale status. The price is set at $9.99. Once the product hits its pre-sale threshold, credit cards are charged, and the product goes into production and delivery. Then, 30¢ of every dollar made from the direct sale of the product goes back to the community. “Community” in this case covers both the ideator as well as all people who voted, commented, and rated the project idea along the way.

1 thought on “Know When it’s Time for Tea with the Boil Buoy Boiling Water Chime”

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  2. They are charging you $10 for what is essentially a very small version of a navigation buoy that bounces back and forth and rings a bell when the water boils.

    Do I have this correct?

    Based on the incredible idiocy of the product, I predict that it will have a great success.

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