Hide Your Laptop in Plain Sight

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Obviously, this one is for the ladies…  Vera Bradley has introduced a laptop backpack that is almost guaranteed to look like you’re carrying anything other than computer equipment for safer commuting.  It has a padded compartment for a laptop (up to 15″), an organizer compartment on the front, and another compartment with room for more things.  It has a feature that lets you slip it over the handle of your rolling luggage for easier travel.  The Laptop Backpack is available in the 17 current patterns for $98.00.

5 thoughts on “Hide Your Laptop in Plain Sight”

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  2. And why would people think that this backpack does not have a computer inside? Ladies don’t use laptops? People who like patterned fabrics don’t use laptops? Someone who is going to steal your bag will steal it first and appreciate the fabric pattern after.

  3. I would have thought a laptop thief would be less likely to target these than black faux-leather backpacks with `Targus’ in prominent letters on them 🙂

    Sadly they don’t ship outside the US and there seem to be no shops outside US, Canada and Japan.


  4. Janet Cloninger

    Of course women use laptops – that’s why I posted this. But Vera Bradley is known for making purses, not gear bags. And like Michael said, people looking around for something to snatch aren’t as likely to see a bag like this and think “laptop” as they would when they see a bag with “Targus” on it – laptop bags seem to often have a certain style, and Vera Bradley doesn’t fit that style.

  5. Janet Cloninger

    @Michael There are sellers of Vera Bradley products on the US eBay site that ship world-wide. I’m not sure if any of them have one of the laptop backpacks available at the moment, though. If you decide to look, be aware that this laptop backpack replaces an older version of the backpack that did not have the special laptop compartment. You’ll need to make sure it is called the laptop backpack to get this new style.

  6. I’m not calling the author’s baby ugly but this isn’t covert. Maybe carrying the computer in an ice chest would be covert. But the backpack is the male or female’s purse on many college campi. Unattended it shouts, ‘steal me’.

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