HTC EVO 4G (Sprint)

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I’ll be pre-ordering one of these ‘wonder phones’ from Sprint this week. If you have not heard about the HTC EVO 4G, it’s an Android phone that features a 4.3″ screen, 2 cameras- an 8 meg main camera and a 1.3 meg front-facing camera, a kick stand, multitasking, 4g speed capabilities, and more.

They are due out June 4th, and here in Omaha we generally do not get a lot of units when a hot device is released. I’m going to let you know how the process goes and what I think about the device when I get it.

Fingers crossed

8 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G (Sprint)”

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  2. Sweet. This is the phone that I really wanted, but Verizon got the Incredible instead. I love the Incredible, but I would love to try the EVO and that huge screen!

  3. I can’t wait to hear your review. I am currently on an iphone 3g and have been frustrated with the control apple has over the phone. The one thing I was missing was a kindle app for android and now that is coming. I am really interested in the phone as an ebook reader (iphone works well for that) and really how much faster is 4g compared to the current att network i am on.

  4. @Steve- I know, right? My son in law got a Nexus 1 for Christmas from his employer and I have been so jealous. Its about time Sprint got back ahead of the ‘cool phone’ curve!

  5. Of course, now I discover that 4G is only available in 27 cities so far, with another 15 to be added this year or so. Omaha does not seem not be on the list yet.

  6. Don’t forget about the $10 monthly premium you’ll be paying in ADDITION to your regular recurring monthly costs. I’ve read a lot of places that people are ok with that because of how cool the phone is. That’s crap. The costs for building WiMax out has already been planned for with the global venture capital being thrown Clearwire’s way. In addition to the already existing premium you unknowingly pay above and beyond the constantly depreciating value of your device, also take into account paying an additional $240 over the life of your contract just to carry this device. When you have consider the failed early termination system (even the pro-rated ETF’s) and the premium just to adopt a new and for most markets, unusable technology in the device (4G), It makes no sense to rush into frustration that you won’t be able to get this device because more determined idiots will be camping out for this device. I’d wait it out until 4G is not only available to at least the current 3G coverage areas, but also until it is stable and the opportunity and economic costs of adoption make logical sense.

  7. however people are ok with paying att $30 for non existent $10 is ok with me for the amount of data I will be using 😀

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