Reef Fanning Flip-Flops Review

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Working in the health care industry I do not invest a great deal in my wardrobe.  I own ONE suit.  I do however, own numerous pairs of flip flops.  I firmly believe other than the bikini, flip flops are the best clothing item ever invented (and the only one of the two I can wear….)  On a recent trip to Key West I had a new pair on. They were killing my feet.  So I wandered into a surf shop to check out their selection.

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After trying on several pair I tried on a pair made by REEF.  They were soft but supportive and very comfortable.  OK, Reef was in the lead at the turn.  Little did I know though, of the hidden foot fashion feature of these fabulous flip flops…..    Built into the soul, excuse me, sole of these ‘flops’ is a bottle opener!!  Are you kidding!?  I now own the swiss army knife of footware!  As you can see in the photos, they already have some wear on them, as they left my feet only for sleep the rest of the trip!

By the way, the model I own and shown is the Reef Mick Fanning Pro model! Might as well have comfortable feet as you read on your computer!


Product Information

  • Comfortable
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Doesn't come with beer

4 thoughts on “Reef Fanning Flip-Flops Review”

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  2. I’ve had a pair of these for years! Living in Australia they are ESSENTIAL! i will not go to a bar b q without them. The good beer here is not twist top at all so this is critical on a hot summer’s day in the park having some snags and beers with the crew. you never ever remember the bottle opener. i have people coming to use my ‘thongs’ all the time. great conversation starter too.

  3. Really! You really like the idea of putting the bottom of your shoe on the drinking end of a beer bottle?

    I mean do you have any idea what kind of gunk, crap, and garbage the bottom of the shoe will accumulate?

    And don’t tell me that the shoe only touches the cap. The little bit of rubber hooks under the cap right where you’re going to drink!

    It’s a cool gimmick for the shoes, but not a sanitary idea.

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