An Atomic Pocket Watch

Retro style marries with high-tech accuracy in the Atomic Pocket Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer.  The watch maintains its accuracy using the radio signal from the atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO.  The body of the watch is surgical-grade stainless steel, and it comes with a 14″ stainless chain.  The pocket watch has an analog face with a digital display showing the date and seconds.  The atomic pocket watch is $149.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  • Poncho February 16, 2010, 7:12 pm

    Is it solar or does it take batteries ?(what kind)?

  • Janet Cloninger February 17, 2010, 9:02 am

    The description at Hammacher Schlemmer didn’t specify what type of batteries it uses.

  • Wolfman2200 February 18, 2010, 3:01 am

    I like timepieces. Does it have a crystal guard that opens? It don’t look like it to me.

  • Janet Cloninger February 18, 2010, 5:08 pm

    Wolfman2200, I haven’t actually seen one of these, so I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it opens up.

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