The Miniguru keyboard is programmable, customizable and … mini

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The Miniguru keyboard from Guru Board is a high quality full sized keyboard minus the number pad and arrow keys. The idea is to keep your fingers on the keyboard instead of lifting them to use the mouse or the edit keys. The edit keys are accessed by pressing special swirl function keys on either side of the spacebar with your thumb. When pressed a second layer of edit keys becomes active. The Miniguru also has a built in track stick, 2 port USB hub and can be customized to have clicky, tactile or linear mechanical keyboard switches. Other customizations include keyboard color and base color. The Miniguru won’t be available until Q4 and pricing has not been announced.

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8 thoughts on “The Miniguru keyboard is programmable, customizable and … mini”

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  2. Just played with their configurator available at the website and it has lots of options! I really like the profile/footprint of this keyboard, and if the pricepoint isn’t too outrageous I might just have to pick one up! Excellent find Julie!

  3. Looks like a hardcore clicky keyboard… Aha!

    It’s a creation of one of the hardcore keyboard enthusiasts from (

    I suspect you’ll find the price point to be outrageous. I’d guess it’ll be over $200 [long explanation left out].

    Julie, are you a keyboard fanatic? (My Northgate keyboard died about 4 years ago and I haven’t had a good keyboard since.) One of these days I’ll get something like a Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 ( or a Majestouch Tenkeyless (,majestouch_87key&pid=fkbn87meb)…

    1. @Sam I’m not a fanatic, but I like a good keyboard. I wasn’t sure I’d like the tiny flat wireless iMac keyboard, but am surprised at how comfortable it is to type on.

  4. @Sam – if you are in the market for a good keyboard, I would recommend the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent edition (

    I’ve had this one at home for a few months, and I would highly recommend it. In fact, I like it enough that I plan to replace my Unicomp Endurapro keyboard at work ( with one, hopefully on the company’s dime.

    As much as I like my Enduropro with it’s integrated trackpoint mouse and old IBM style buckling spring keys, the mechanical cherry switches on the Das Keyboard just feel so much better to my fingers.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion thsu; I was aware of the Das Keyboard company, but I haven’t looked in on their current offerings in awhile. From the description, sounds like it uses Cherry brown keyswitches. However, I’m more interested in something either compact or ergonomic, and the Das Keyboards are neither. Hmm… earplugs? that’s humorous…

  6. This will be a good thing — I even went so far once as to hack saw off the number keys of a keyboard, the idea being there would not be as far of a reach to get to the mouse. Why is it so hard to find a keyboard with standard size keys but without the number and arrow keys on the right side?

  7. Looks Intresting, Though a liitle to Apple Like for My Taste 🙂
    ( Coming from a guy with a MBP)

    Having said that, If I were looking for something like this, A good keyboard and pointing device combination, I’ll probably look more closly at the “ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint” then this as I really like the Thinkpad Keyboards, and actually prefer them to even most standalone full size keyboards.

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