Crazy expensive fingerprint reading wallet with a Bluetooth alarm


The iWallet (come on, can we please stop putting an ‘i’ in front of everything to make it sound cool?) is a cabon fiber wallet with a built in biometric fingerprint reader. It also has a Bluetooth alarm that pairs with your smartphone and buzzes when there is too much space between the phone and wallet. These features might sound awesome, but what if the fingerprint reader suddenly fails to work when you’re standing in the checkout line at Walmart? I’m also assuming that the wallet requires battery power. What happens when the battery dies? The real kicker though, is the price. The carbon fiber version will cost you $299. Once you pay that, you probably won’t need a wallet because you won’t have anything to store in it.

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  • steven September 8, 2010, 5:25 pm

    Yes, how long can the battery last in this wallet ????
    Thank You

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