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pod-makerThe Perfect Pod Maker allows you to make your own coffee pods for most brands, including Senseo, Melitta, Simple Human, Juan Valdez, Bunn Home Cafe, Bunn-o-matic, Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach, and more. Unit comes with a starter set of 40 pod papers. Just fill the little filter cup with your own ground beans, place it in the electric pod maker, shut the lid for a few seconds and you’re ready to brew a cup. Get one for $39.95.

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  2. Ah, great idea!! I own a Kenco machine that uses these pods and they cost £5 for 10 pods, hence I never buy them very often so the machine doesn’t get much use!

    I’d buy one these, even if it is $40…. I think it would pay for itself quite quickly!

  3. Any coffee format that requires the creation of “ghetto pods”, lifting a page out of the ink jet printer cartridge playbook, is doomed to failure.

  4. @greg: note entirely true. The Philips Senseo is a worldwide success, despite the presence of “ghetto pods”. Because Philips doesn’t sell coffee, it doesn’t care about OEM-pods.

    I used a Senseo for several years, but two years ago I switched to a fully automatic espresso machine (with build-in grinder). Depending on the choice of beans, I can make a freshly grinded espresso or coffee (with REAL crema, no look-alike foamy substance) for a measly 4-10 Euro-cents (about 5-13 dollar cents). Okay, it costs a small fortune (good machines start at 300 Euro) but it pays of after several years. Not to mention the better coffee quality!

  5. Donald Schoengold

    The whole pod concept is totally idiotic and this gadget to make your own pods is just icing on the cake. Lets compare the cost of making coffee with pods with the cost of making it with my Melitta filter coffee maker. We will just count the cost of supplies as the cost of the coffee is a wash.

    The PODs which you have to fill yourself cost 15 cents per cup. If you amortize the $40 pod filler over 500 cups, this works out to 4 cents per cup. I usually make 6 cups of coffee at a time. This makes the cost of supplies to be $1.14 for the supplies to make my 6 cups.

    With my Melitta, I can buy 480 filters for $20 or 4 cents per filter. There are no other costs and I can brew as many as 8 cups of coffee with my 4 cent filter.

    The POD concept costs 28 times the cost of my Melitta. This ignores the necessity to prefill PODs before I can use them.

    Am I not the the only person who finds the while POD concept totally insane?


  6. No, Don, I think the pod concept is totally insane as well. Why would I want to pay 28 times the amount for stale, pre-ground coffee left oxidizing for weeks in trucks and on store shelves after roasting. And no, we can forget about the “vacuum-sealed freshness” marketing pitch about them: cheap cans of Sanka and Maxwell House have been doing just that with their pre-ground coffee since the 1980s. That is far from “innovative”.

    At least with ghetto pods you can use your own fresh beans. But talk about a senseless, expensive hack made to make a bad idea workable.

    The only thing innovative about these things is the convenience, which is facilitated by maximizing the amount of environmental waste that comes with individual serving packaging, the extraction of those additional materials, and their manufacturing. If the likes of Philips and Nestle had product design meetings where the goal was “How can we maximize the amount of materials use, manufacturing, and waste with every cup of coffee a person drinks?”, they would have come up with these same pod systems.

  7. Why do people think pods are a good idea? Okay, the machines are cheaper than a good automatic coffee machine. But once you grind the beans, you should use it or it will skunk.
    Now, if you are really a coffee freak, try a real coffee machine like a Saeco. It can make espresso, cappucino and cafe americano. Yes, it’s expensive. But, the versatility and the great coffee can’t be beat.

  8. I have 2 Blitz pod espresso machines which fit about a 2 inch pod I use the Lavazza Pods which fit perfectly. Will this machine make the same size pods?

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