Kindle Keeper -small, cheap, does the job

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I recently spent a lot of time in waiting rooms and found that when I got bored with my Kindle and wanted to swap it out for my MP3 player  I had no easy place to put my reading glasses.  (This was before I saw the review on the Periscope Lighted Folio. )  I was always putting my glasses into my backpack, grabbing my MP3 player, and futzed back and forth as my attention ping-ponged between reading and audio entertainment. (The MP3 player on the Kindle does not retain its last played file so I have a separate gadget for audio books.)  My handy neighbor helped out by crocheting the Kindle Keeper, an expandable gripper for the Kindle with a built-in pocket for glasses, and, as shown below, an MP3 player.

I don’t know if she’ll mass produce these but they sure are handy.   Nice for airplane travel, too.


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  2. No I’m not talented enough for that! Besides my Kindle Keeper, my knice kneighbor also knitted a knumber of hats for cancer patients.

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