Color your gadgets with Colorware

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ColorwareColor, color everywhere.  Gadgets come in all kinds of eye-popping hues, but what if you can’t find the colors you like.  To get real personalized color for your favorite gadgets you can call on Colorware to do the job.  With a wide selection of colors and color combinations you design what your device looks like.  Corporate customers can add logos.  Among the devices you can get coated in their high-gloss, scratch resistant polymer based coating are phones, laptops, mp3 players, gaming consoles, and even HDTVs! Colorware offers several options for a cost.  Buy a new device directly from them in your selected color, send in your device to get coated, or my personal favorite, buy the painted parts individually.

3 thoughts on “Color your gadgets with Colorware”

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  2. yeah…so my resale value is about as much to paint my 13″ 2nd gen macbook with these guys. i’ll use stickers. btw… you ca goto : for cheaper alternatives that are not permanent or cost prohibitive. look around and google decals for your box and i garuntee that you can custom “any” kit you own

  3. you’ll have to cut it out yourself i believe, but i’d ask CHAT. i “debrand” all my kit anyhow. if i paid for it i’m not going to parade around the car or car dealer logo. i take a knife or floss string or marker to the logo/decal of big corp logos

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