Practice your putt while on the pot

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I was watching some recorded TV shows last night and as I usually do, I fast forward through the commercials (I have a DirecTV DVR). Something VERY odd caught my eye as it sped by, so I rewound and watched what I was sure had to be a joke. It’s the Potty Putter – a toilet time golf game. No, I’m not kidding and it’s not a joke. You can even watch the same commercial on the website. The immediate thoughts that come to mind are:

1. eew!

2. People that have to spend that much time in the bathroom that they can play a game, really need to add a little more fiber to their diet or something! 😉

If anyone actually has this ‘gadget’, we need to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Practice your putt while on the pot”

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  2. I can’t believe there were no comments yet!

    I seem to recall that there are other ‘games’ along this vein- like maybe a basketball version as well, but cannot locate any info.

    Ah- the decline of our culture. Whatever happened to using this time to read classical novels or good magazines?

  3. It’s never the wrong time to practice ones swing! I’d agree with you though Mark, my weekly copy of New Scientist gets more attention than it otherwise would in it’s handy next-to-the-toilet location.

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