MSI Announces GX733 Gaming Notebook

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Microstar International, famous lately for their Wind series netbooks, announced today they would be pushing further into the mobile gaming fray with the latest in their GX series of gamer targeted notebooks.

Including such features as an aluminum construction for the lower body of the notebook, and proprietary gamerlicious buzz words for their new technologies like “CPU Turbo Mode”, “Aerodynamic Touch Sensor”, “Futuristic 3 Dimensional Hi-Fi Speakers Design”, “Exclusive MSI VIVID Image Enhancement Technology”, and HDMI out, is sure to garner the GX733 some quick attention.

With the newest AMD Turion™ X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor, a 17” 16:10 display, ATi Mobility Radeon HD4670 3D Graphics Card with DDR3 512 MB VRAM, integral 4speakers + subwoofer built into the aluminum chassis, integral number pad, and available 4 gigs of ram, the GX733 comes pre-loaded with gamer street cred.


For more drool-worthy pics and specs of the GX733, head over to MSI and see for yourself.

3 thoughts on “MSI Announces GX733 Gaming Notebook”

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  2. Oh I’ve just got into the whole idea of having a stripped down netbook and now they do this! The rational side to me say’s “Paul you can play games on your phone, your PS2 and even your daughters DS Lite, a computer is for sensible things…”

    The other half of me wants one now!

  3. Paul’s irrational side responds: “Yes, true, but when Zoo Tycoon, Bubble Breaker, and Scrabble get old, you could get in a couple of rounds of Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead, or Crysis with work pals while the wife thinks your balancing the checkbook on this bad boy!”

  4. Part of me loves how sexy that beast is, and would love a notebook with a 400-series card in it. Another part of me is practically disgusted by made-up phrases like “ultra dual core” and “aerodynamic” (as applied to touchpads). Come on MSI! If it’s as awesome as it looks it’ll sell on its own merits!

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