Spotlight Gadget – Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet

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This Bluetooth bracelet from Brando won’t let you miss a call when your phone is buried at the bottom of your purse. It vibrates when a call comes in and will let you answer or reject the call. It also has a Link Loss Alert Function that will cause the bracelet to vibrate when your mobile phone is more than 5 Meters apart from you.

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  2. Anyone know the make/model of this? I’ve googled it and can only find something which looks like the previous version, which does the same but without a screen. This could be very handy (or should that be wristy?)

  3. I really like this watch, mostly because i’m dying to se a wrist comunicator, (specially if it had video, wich is not the case), but what’s the point of being able to anwser the call if it doesn’t have a mic ?!?!?!?

  4. it’s sort’a like those really cheap phone charms that make a loud noise (even if your phone is on silent) things.i also don’t really like bracelets i only wear a watch on my wrist

  5. Very similar to my Fossil Abacus watch. It was designed to work with Sony phones, but the smart fellow here (, has a windows mobile applet that allows this watch to work with my Touch Diamond. The watch vibrates and displays caller ID, so I can reject the call on the watch, or take out the phone to answer. It also displays text messages on the watch face and, email notifications and calender reminders. Watch- $32 on ebay, software for phone, free…

  6. I have the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 watch (they have newer ones out too, for both men and women). Does the same thing as the bracelet–at least with a Sony Ericsson phone. Doesn’t do calendar alerts, though I wish it did; it will notify you of a text message, though, and can act as a remote control for MP3 playback too. I’ll have to go look and see if they’ll work with other brands of phones now too.

  7. My review after 2 weeks of ownership:

    My husband bought me this because I keep my phone in my purse, zipped up. If Im not 5 feet away, I wont hear it, and if Im in my car I wont ever hear it. Problem is, the range is only 5 meters. 5 meters is roughly 16 feet, but it usually loses connection after 5 feet (1.5 meters). It may seem 16 feet, because thats as far you can walk (slowly) before the “link loss” feature activates. Due to this slow communication with the bracelet, when your phone rings, it will vibrate only after 5-10 seconds when your phone rings. Also, often I have had my phone within 1 foot from my bracelet and it will lose connection. Many times when Im expecting an important call, and I know I wont hear it, I will put my phone in my pocket despite how women jeans aren’t really designed for that… …The other night when I did this my bracelet didn’t even vibrate, and I had to manually connect several times because again, despite being so close to my phone, connection was lost.

    The “link lost” feature will vibrate 3 times. In between these 3 times it will try to reconnect. But after that you have to manually find it again. This means every time I go to the bathroom at work, or any where in my house that isn’t 5 feet from my purse, I have to reconnect or just turn it off.

    When the battery is low it will read “Low Battery.” I have only seen it do this once as I don’t think it vibrates. Twice already I will turn my bracelet off at night only to discover that it wont turn on the next morning, and I have to bring my charger to work.

    Other cons:

    LED display isn’t centered with the screen, resulting in part of the first letter not visible unless tilted at an angle. Might be fine if you wear it on your left arm

    Screen reads “Bluetooth.” This kinda cheapens it. It would be nicer to not have anything written at all

    I had to pay $25 to have it sized for me. Not really the bracelets fault. I always go to a different company because they overcharge for something so stupid, and each company is always more expensive than the last. This means that the next company will charge me $30+ so Im just going to go ahead and buy the tool myself. I know how its done because I used to do this at my last job and we didn’t charge for it (but the watch had to be bought from there or we wouldn’t do it at all due to liability)

    Bracelet easily scratches, but being metal, it can buff out. Screen is even more prone to scratches, but a few buffs with rubbing compound and the screen is perfect again. I high recommend getting some if buying this product. I get a scratch about every other day.

    Pretty much anything written about the plastic version applies to this one, with the exception of falling apart since the outer pieces are metal.

    The charger is the same, if its bent at all, it wont charge, but luckily there are LEDs that show if its working or not. If charged via USB, there is no issue.

    Not water resistant. I wonder about this because it is extremely humid where I live, and would explain my connection issues despite my phone being so close.

    Instructions are in Engrish

    Initial Setup (pairing) is confusing. I gave up after half an hour. I was told that while off to hold down the button for a specific time, which all that does is turn the bracelet on. The trick however is to keep pressing on the button after it turns on (so 7-10 seconds) Thats when it will then try to pair up.

    Today it would not connect at all, not even with my phone touching it. It would just say “Connecting” for several minutes.


    Conversation starter

    Feel like a time traveler from the future.

  8. I just got one and so far I like it, however it doesn’t vibrate nearly enough when a call comes in. Maybe 3 times, I would of expected it to go non stop.
    So far so good, however the one thing I can not figure out is that it will not go off when I get a text message which was my sole purpose of buying this. I have a blackberry curve 8300. Anyone have any ideas on why it won’t vibrate with the texts?

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