Duck Bill Money Clip Review

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How do you carry your money and credit cards around? Are you a wallet person or a money clip person? I typically carry the Waterfield Wallet, but when I’m traveling or want to be more minimalist, I use a small paper binder clip. The binder clip gets the job done, but it’s not as easy to use as the Duck Bill Designs Money Clip. Have a look…

Duck Bill Money clip package

It is packaged in a small metal tin with a cardboard sleeve.

Duck Bill Money clip tin

The metal tin is pretty cool in itself, with its embossed lid.

Duck Bill Money clip tin 2

Inside the tin is the Duck Bill money clip and a card with instructions on how to use it. I was sent a personalized clip with The Gadgeteer engraved on it. The engraved version costs $46, while the non-engraved version costs $36.

Duck Bill Money clip

The clip itself is definitely more elegant that my dorky binder clip solution. It’s made of spring tension steel, which is know for its ability to snap back into place. The clip is 1 inch wide and 3.25 inches long.

Duck Bill Money clip back side

When you turn the clip over, you can immediately see where it gets its Duck Bill name. See the turned up bill and nostril holes?

Duck Bill Money clip side view

The Duck Bill has four bend points that help keep the pinch of the clip strong.

Duck Bill Money clip with money

The suggested way to use the clip is to fold your money over your cards as you can see above.

Duck Bill Money clip logo

The Duck Bill money clip can hold up to 60 folded bills or a combination of cash and plastic cards.

Duck Bill Money clip money side view

A benefit of the turned up duck bill is that you can easily slide the stack of ‘stuff’ into and out of the clip with minimal effort. That said, the only bad thing about the turned up bill is that it cause the stack of ‘stuff’ to not be completely flat in your pocket. The metal edge is turned up and maybe noticeable in tight pants. The clip can also scratch easily if stored in a pocket with other objects.

Duck Bill Money clip engraving

The Duck Bill money clip is an easy way to put your wallet contents into a more compact configuration. It’s a simple clip that works well. There are many many money clips on the market, so it’s hard to say if this is the best money clip in the universe. But with no moving parts and the turned up duck bill edge, I’ve found it significantly easier to use than a binder clip. The Duck Bill money clip makes a good gift for men, women or yourself.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Duck Bill Design
  • Simple design
  • Easy to insert and remove bills and cards
  • Can be engraved
  • The turned up edge may be noticeable in tight pants
  • Easily scratched if put in a pocket with other objects

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  2. I’ve always liked the front pocket wallets from Fossil. They are slim and have a money clip built in.

    Speaking of which, I need to buy another one…they last me about a year or so.

  3. I want one!! I have a front pocket wallet + clip from fossil right now. It’s nice, but doesn’t hold enough bills. Can only hold around 10 securely.

    The engraving is by far the best I’ve ever seen.

  4. $36.00? American Dollars? You’ve gotta be kidding… the tin box it comes in probably costs more to manufacture.
    get a box of large paper clips, and that’ll do the same job for the rest of your life.

  5. The Duck Bill is all you said it would be and more! The engraving is superb … a very classy product and it makes a very special gift! Thanks for the review!

  6. 36$ is really steep for a money clip when you can get decent ones from a local store.

    If you order from Canada, you get to pay an extra $20 because of different import fees – long story short, don’t get it if you’re from Canada. I also enjoy that they didn’t tell me that I would have to pay those kinds of fees when I ordered it.. on top of shipping fees and taxes, it’s just lovely.

  7. After doing more research, it was not actually duckbill’s fault that I had to pay the extra fees – it was because of UPS. The fact remains though that this probably isn’t the first time so caveat emptor for Canadian buyers. I really would have liked to know about the fees from the sellers before I bought it and hopefully duckbill gets the hint to warn international buyers about this.

  8. I emailed Tony, he said he gets a lot of slack from Canadians because of the shipping fee. He also said it wasn’t his option since the UPS tool runs the cost. He said he’d be willing to do cheaper shipping if I wanted snail mail.

  9. I ordered a duck bill money clip on 9-18-10. I have not yet received it.
    I sent 2 e-mails to Tony the owner. Have not received a response from either one.
    Very poor customer service.
    I do not recommend this product
    I’m going to protest charge on credit card

  10. David,

    I have the same issue. I ordered mine the same time, then i got an email saying it shipped on Oct 7., still nothing. I am trying to find a phone number to this place.

  11. I placed an order on Sept. 2nd!! Still don’t have it and now it end of October. I did finally get an e-mail from Tony saying they have had problems and apologizing profusely about 3 weeks ago but still no delivery. Mine also said it shipped on Oct. 7. Sent 3 more e-mails since then and no response so I guess they went out if business or something. Have to dispute through my card company.

  12. I also ordered mine in October (10/23). I received emails that it was in production and then shipped. Rick/rich/David, any luck getting your clip or the money back? I tried to dispute the charge but my cc company said they already accepted payment! Do you guys have a phone number or email I can get in touch with them? I emailed Tony and customer service but no response.

  13. i ordered one on 9/18, i received an email stating that it shipped on 9/25 and i still haven’t received it as of November 5th. i’ve sent emails and no response.

  14. this is pretty strange that the site is up, we’re getting update emails with the order process and he’s still accepting payment. does anyone have a confirmed email/phone number to contact him for a refund. i filed a complaint with the local better business bureau ( and it would help everyone if you guys could do the same. i’ll let you know if i get any response from the BBB or him.

  15. I stumbled across this site looking for others who have had problems with Tony. Add me to the list. Let me give you the details on what I know:

    I ordered a clip in May and recieved it within a week. LOVED IT! 5 months later however it no longer held anything. Just seemed to lose it’s grip. Emailed Tony at both his personal and customer service address and nothing. Thought maybe they had a warranty seeing as how it was only 5 months until failure.

    OK, no response but, man, I loved this clip so I stupidly ordered another one. Same issue as all of you above. He took my money and sent an automated email out that it had shipped. After a couple weeks I became concerned and started up with the emails again. Again no respnse.

    Out of principle, I found the duckbill youtube site. I began posting that he was stealing from his customers. Within MINUTES he had deleted my posts. Finally, yesterday I went back on youtube and called him a thief. AGAIN, within MINUTES he deleted my comments and blocked me from posting on his page! NOW, it gets even better..

    He sent me a message via youtube apologizing, sob story… here it is:

    ” Your Duck Bill order…
    We’ve had some pretty colossal blow-ups here on this end. I don’t blame you for being angry, and I’m sure you understand that I’m trying to protect us while we make amends with customers like you who’ve been given every impression that we’re trying to screw you. I’m going to assume that recovery is possible. I’ll do whatever I can to get you whole in this process. There’s never been any question that we’re a real business, IN business and with a great product. We’ve admittedly made some mistakes and customer service has suffered mightily. We’re paying the price. It’s going to be a long uphill fight one customer at a time. So, I’m asking for a do-over here. Tell me your order number and I’ll handle this personally, move you to the front of the line, and prove to you that we’ll do our best to get back on good footing with you. I mean this sincerely. You wouldn’t believe some of the idiocy that has put us in this jam. Please write to me at [email protected] and let’s get a REAL conversation started to what I think can be successful and happy resolution. This little company was built on one customer at a time, and we got away from it. Lesson learned the hard way. How about it? Thanks for your time, and most important, thanks for your business. It IS appreciated, I assure you. Tony”

    WITHIN minutes I replied to him stating that at this point I JUST wanted my money back. AND I went ahead and emailed him at his personal email address AGAIN. Guess what? No repsonse.

    Here’s my take on it. He is doing everything in his power. I MEAN EVERYTHING, to steal your money. He will leave his website up, he will take your money, send an automated email stating it has shipped, delete negative youtube comments, send youtube messages, block you from posting on his youtube page all within MINITES, BUT, he will not reply via email. The point is that all of these things he does take time and are calculated moves. They are not simple customer service snafus.

    He’s simpy a thief.

    Any questions? Shoot me an email.

    Sorry for such a long post.


  17. Nick, head on over to youtube and search duckbill clip. Leave a comment actually here:

    He hasn’t deleted my comments that I left TODAY yet, must be enjoying his Sunday and spending all the dough we gave him. My comments are the username pixelpusherla. As Mentioned he deleted and blocked my other user I.D.

    Maybe if we bombard him enough we’ll get our money back. I mean I’m with BofA they WILL give me my money back but, for some others here, may no be so easy. Matter of fact anybody who is having this experience you can go to that link and leave a comment. here:
    and here at the duckbill user channel:

    Watch how quickly he will delete these comments yet, never refund.

  18. Nick- I see you have already sprung into action! Good job! Let’s put the heat on this guy and get people their money back.

  19. This is pretty ridiculous. he flagged my posts as spam as well but then quickly wrote me the message below. guys, he’s obviously concerned about the negative press so please post comments on any medium you can so we can all get our money back. i personally haven’t received a refund because i used an amex gift card and they won’t do anything.

    On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Tony Cornett wrote:


    First, your unhappiness is noted and understood.

    We look terrible here. I acknowledge it and take responsibility for it.

    I could tell you an unbelievable tale of what happened on this end, automated stuff that failed, etc., but that sounds like excuses and doesn’t get this resolved any faster.

    That You Tube thing is something I don’t pay much attention to (THAT’s changing.) because I use it simply as a place for the videos. That’s it. Your messages there have been late being seen, but your message is clear.

    We’re a real business, not a scam outfit. I assure you, fraud is not a part of this. It’s been built one customer at a time, and there’s a lot to be done to try to recover customers like you. It’s a real whooping because there are about 75 of you suffered the same apparent fate. That’s a lot to try to repair.

    And having customers out there like you who are shouting it from the rooftops is lighting fires I’m having to fight while I try to effect the fix your particular circumstance.


    What you’ve experienced is dramatically different than the customer service experience we got here with. I’ll fix this.

    I cannot apologize enough for what’s happened. I beg our forgiveness and assure you that your order will prove to be a better value than you ever thought it would be.


  20. I’ve received word from him via email that I am to receive a refund. He offered to replace the broken clip and refund the money for both of my orders. I declined. I no longer wish to support this company at all. At this point, I’m taking this all as empty promises. I’ll keep everyone up to date on how it turns out though.

    I will say that some people may shrug of a $36 purchase (in my case $36 x2) but, this is about principle. And I have to think that if I had never started posting on his youtube page, he would have never lifted a finger. Not that he will in the end though.

    At last count he admits that he has basically ripped off 75 people (I’m sure he is understating the number out of human nature), and I am sure that the number grows each day. The thing that really gets me is that even ONE person is too many yet, he still has the site up and accepting orders. The lack of communication is HIS fault as we have ALL contacted his PERSONAL email. Leads me to believe that he just reads and deletes and collects the cash. I hope anyone else that has been taken by him and reads this goes straight to his youtube page and bombard him. He is simply a crook.

  21. Nick-

    Funny enough I also ordered on 10/23 and received the email stating my order had shipped on 10/26. Looks like he picked the wrong day to continue his wrong doings huh?

  22. i think the postings are finally having an effect. tony emailed me last night saying he will ship my money clip today and send me a UPS tracking number. he does seemed concerned about the negative responses but until i actually receive a refund and/or my money clip, i’m not quite convinced. i’ll let you guys know if he does ship my order.

  23. So I’ve had a few email exchanges with Tony & he has officially sent my money clip. I thin he genuinely did have a major malfunction in his company and isn’t trying to steal your money. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t received their purchase to reach out to him at mailto:[email protected]

  24. I placed order on 9-18-10. I have not received product yet. I have e-mailed Tony twice (no response).
    I called Duck Bill Designs today (214) 212-0509 and left message.
    I also called credit card company to protest charge.
    How hard is it to sell a money clip.
    I had ordered this for a birthday gift for a friend. The birthday has passed and no money clip.
    I do not recommend supporting this company.

  25. I have received email from Tony that my refund check is on the way. If it arrives, I’ll forgive him but won’t support him or his company. I ordered a Geneva from Money clamp and when it arrives, my duckbill is going in the trash.

    I wonder what happened to the other “73” who have paid him and have not received squat? If you want to grab his attention, you need to go to his youtube page and call him out. Sorry, don’t mean to cause a onslaught of lynchers but, really, it’s the only way and pretty sad that it has to be taken to such measures.

  26. Just a update to say that after a week I have not received my refund as promised. Did anyone else receive their refund an/or product (Nick)? I’ll be keeping everyone updated. Until then, I’ll keep on him to see what is going on.

  27. andy, yes, i did receive my product last week. not only did tony send me the clip i ordered, he also included an additional matte money clip and my full refund. needless to say, i was shocked to finally receive any of the above. i also must say that the clip has been everything i was hoping for, and more. i can’t find anything that compares to it and i genuinely believe tony when he has apologized for the issues. i would encourage you to keep emailing tony as he was responding to my emails. i don’t want to suggest the youtube route although that will certainly get his attention if you’re not getting a response.

  28. Ordered on Oct 25th, still no product. Googled “how long to receive duckbill moneyclip” and this site came up. I was shocked to see this. I guess I’m next in line to file with the credit card company and try to get my money back.

  29. Still no refund on my end. Have to assume now Nick, that you got lucky. Tony IS a thief. 75 people taken for their hard earned money and one refund/ product received.

  30. The ASS CLOWN Tony hangs out at the Starbucks in Highland Park Village in Dallas. I guess I will have to track him down like a felon and get my money back from him in person Tony is fast talking thief that belongs in jail. He is supposably working on next great deal which is supposed to be snuggies for your feet.Tony is a TOOL.

  31. Tony told me last week on Tuesday he had sent a refund check. I never received it and he kind of was blowing me off again. He never sent it. On tuesday I informed that if he did not have a tracking number for my refund, I would be launching a site. Within a couple hours I had a valid UPS tracking number. Supposedly he has sent me a full refund and a replacement clip, which I will use because it’s so good. I won’t ever purchase from him again though and will not recommend him. To all the others who are not getting their refund/clip you HAVE to stay on him and you HAVE to be loud. It sucks but, it’s the only way. I got his attention via youtube.

  32. well, after receiving an email from Tony on 11/8 ensuring me that he would ‘personally ensure that i received my product’ within the next week. Unfortunately, it is now 11/19, i’ve missed the special occassion for the gift AND am concerned that i’ve now moved from satisfied customer to skeptical customer; and now can’t possibly recommend to my boss that this would make a great client gift for Christmas. Lesli

  33. p.s. i failed to mention that our clients expect more from my employer as we were ranked highest in customer satisfaction in our category of service offering. wish i could say the same for Tony and the duckbill money clip.

  34. Yep. Didn’t get my order either despite the pitiful email apology. No response to emailed either. Disputing it with the credit card company. Definitely going to pass on this money clip. Seems like a huckster to me.

  35. Update. Friday I finally received my refund and a money clip. I really only wanted one or the other to be honest. I will say again that I had to CONSTANTLY call him out in public forums (youtube) and threaten the making of a website to let the world know what he is doing. This is probably your only hope of getting things done. If you have any success getting is attention, then after that, I recommend you DEMAND UPS SHIPPING WITH A VALID TRACKING NUMBER. Tony will lie about everything, tell you he sent your refund or product via USPS and it will not arrive.

    You CANNOT back down with this guy. Stay on him constantly until you’ve gotten your money or product. Drive him insane with your emails and/or calls. He will throw every excuse out there as to why this is happening when it’s obvious that it is all his doing.

    I am going to lay off him now but, I will never do business with him again nor will he ever get a referral from me.

  36. I ordered (order # 1744) this clip on 29/09/2010 and have yet to recieve it. On 08/11/2010 I recieved the email about problems… I’ve sent several emails and phone calls to no response. Do not order from this ‘company’, he will rip you off.

  37. I ordered my money clip on 9-18-10. Called Tony on 12-5-10 and e-mailed him also. Finally received a refund check and money clip on 12-7-10. Tony is an ASS CLOWN.

  38. Any updates from those that ordered the money clip?

    I really wanted one, but after all the bad experiences people are having, I’m hesitant to order one.
    Nevermind I’m in Canada as well… which means more import fees.

    Regardless, would like to hear if this Tony, cleaned up his act, and did right to all that purchased the money clip.

    Thanks everyone!

  39. Mediabw, Stay away from this product. It isn’t worth the hassle. You can get one from superior titanium that is of better quality and hassle free.

  40. My girlfriend ordered my clip on January 13th and I have not received my clip either. She e-mailed him and he responded that shipping was “imminent” and after I read all of these posts I doubt that I will be receiving mine anytime soon. She is disputing the charges with her card company. Any other pointers? She just wants a refund at this point.

  41. So the story continues…
    I’ve started calling everyday, utilizing youtube, e-mailing –> no response. He finally responded 2 days ago saying that “status would change within 12 hours” and here we are with the status still as “in production.” I’ve filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and he’s about to get two more complaints filed. One with the TX AG’s office and another with the FTC. I’m not playing with this guy. I’m a college graduate student and I fortunately have enough breaks between classes to keep this up for a while! Any suggestions/recommendations from Andy/Nick or others?

  42. You have to stay on him. Keep emailing him and posting to his YouTube video. He doesn’t want negative comments there so he’ll remove them and get back to you

  43. Hello,
    I ordered one of the DuckBill Money clips on January 10th, 2011. Same story. On the 19th of January, he emailed me a picture of my engraved money clip. Looked good and I started to feel better. After that he went “dark”. I sent countless emails and no response. My question is, how hard can it be to mail the money clip that has already been produced? I am based here in Canada, and I was wondering how do I file a complaint with the TX AG, and FTC. We have to keep after this guy. Thanks for your postings.

  44. Yep the ONLY way to get through to him is to confront him on his Youtube page. THEN start emailing him. Sucks but it is the ONLY hope you have at receiving your money back or your clip. For anyone else who hasn’t ordered yet – DON’T.

  45. The only way I got a response was to post repeatedly on Youtube. He finally said that he “gave up” and that the refund was being sent out tomorrow (today) so we’ll see. I’m not counting on it being shipped though. I am going to wait until the check is in hand.

    Peter, a good place for consumer complaints is here:

    The link in the bottom right corner should help you, since you’re across the border. I’m going to follow-up with the BBB and the FTC and the TX AG’s office in order to see what can be done.

    I’m afraid that there are a lot of customers who have not said anything and they are just out of their money.

  46. A refund is on the way – hopefully. I had to remain firm and use a combination of the actions taken by others.

    You can research it on your own time, but Federal Law gives a company 30 days, unless the company alerts the customer to any delays during purchase, to get merchandise to its destination. If delivery is not possible, the merchant must offer the opportunity to request a refund.

  47. Don’t be shocked if within a week or so you do not receive a refund. Just being honest here and preparing you. This is exactly how it went down with me AFTER he finally “gave up” and “sent” me my FIRST refund (which never came).

    1- Refund sent by check.

    2- One week later- no refund check.

    3- Emailed Tony where’s my check?

    4- You should have received it? I’ll send another via UPS and you’ll get a tracking number. Oh woe is me and the problems here on my end. It is a really good product though please give us another chance! I’ll make it right.

    5- Another 48 hours passed without a tracking number.

    6- Tony if I do not have a tracking number for a refund check within 24 hours I will be launching a site called “Duckbill designs sucks”. I will SEO it to make sure it is always in the number 1 hit position in Google results. Your site will be nestled in at number 2. I am about to tell the entire WWW what a scam artist you really are.

    7- A few hours later – SURPRISE- legit tracking number.

    He is screwing over people one at a time. @ $40 -ish a pop, if 5 or 10 or 15 people order a clip a week, it may be an unsubstantial amount for them to continue pursuing him. He on the other hand just pockets the cash because THAT is what he is banking on (pun intended). He’s probably clearing between $200-$500 a week. $10,000 to $20,000 a year just for having a web site up.

  48. Hello Everyone,

    This morning I tried going to the duckbill money clip website ( but it appears to have been blanked-out or it might be down. I also checked youtube and could not find the money clip video either. Has everyone experienced the same thing? Is it possible that this business has shut down?

  49. Same happened to me. Order placed on 1/28. Sent an e-mail…no response, called…no answer. I just called my bank, reported them as a scam and they gave me back a credit.

  50. Refund is on its way, we have a confirmed tracking number. He is giving a refund, and the product which we don’t want anymore. Unfortunately, we had to contact multiple agencies and post multiple times on before results were achieved.

  51. I wanted to take a minute and retract my comment on Feb 21 regarding my purchase. Today I was pleasantly suprised to recieve not only my original order, but also a refund and a 2nd DBMC. After a few e-mails and phone conversations with Tony, he assured me he and his company were legit and he offered to prove it. Oddly enough, I placed an order for a Super Titanium money clip which arrived together with my DBMC. There really is no comparison, the super titanium arrives simply in an envelope where as the DBMC arrives in a very nice packaged tin case with DBMC logo over the top. The DBMC also appears to be a better quality clip than the Super Titanium. I think I’ll give my additional DBMC to my father as a gift. Thank you Tony for coming thru on your end.

  52. Ordered on Jan 13/ 2011, Still no money clip as of Feb 27 2011.
    Sent several emails and the product was promised to be sent but never was. A month and a half for a money clip?? Really?

    *****DO NOT ORDER A DUCK BILL CLIP*************

  53. Received the product, refund and additional product. The quality seems second to none. It’s unfortunate that our initial transaction had issues, but after contact was made with Mr. Cornett, he responded and fulfilled the order and my request for a refund. I think that he is in a “tough spot” right now and he is trying to get his orders out. Great product.

  54. How did everyone get a hold of the owner. I have sent 3 e-mails, and have called twice. I have yet to get a response. I don’t want a refund I want my clip. I have received 2 emails stating my order has been “completed” yet I have no clip. Thanks for the help.

    Order placed Feb 2, 2011 it is now March 7, 2011

  55. I ordered a money clip back in OCTOBER. When it didn’t come by Christmas, I emailed him and got the same genuine-sounding responses as above. When I still didn’t get it, he eventually sent me a photo of the money clip with my name engraved on it. But then he NEVER MAILED IT. I emailed him a bunch more times and he apologized again and told me he would send me a bonus one with free engraving. I had my friend’s website engraved on it, and Tony later sent me a photo of the money clip with the website engraved on it (I’ve since talked to the engraver Ken Brown and he verifies that he did the work himself). BUT STILL HE HAS NOT SENT THE ITEMS. Why in the world would someone go to all the hassle of engraving money clips, photographing them, and then just not send them. The guy promises up and down and apologizes, but I just want what I paid for. How hard is it to drop these in a padded envelope and mail them. It would probably be faster than photographing them and emailing me the photo. I am going to contact the Texas Attorney General as well as the Dallas Police. I am so sick of this guy’s lies. What a scammer!

  56. If anyone has a extra duckbill clip that they would like to sell please let me know. Tried to order one from the site but I think it is down for good. I will pay $120.00 to anyone who wants to sell theirs or has an extra one to sell. As long as it has no engraving on it. Don’t want one with someone elses name on it. E-mail me at [email protected]

  57. Yes julie, I meant one hundred and twenty. My friend has one that he ordered from the site about a year ago and I love his. But just my luck when I get around to finally ordering one for myself the guy shuts the site down. So now I’m trying to find anyone with one that they would like to sell and I’m willing to pay $120 for it if anybody has one.

    1. @phill Wow, I don’t want to offend you, but that money clip is no where near worth $120. It’s not made of titanium or silver. It’s your money though, so good luck 🙂

  58. Sorry was typing on my phone during my initial reply. I’ll part with my clip for $120. It is matte, no engravings and as I mentioned above, I just double checked and do not have the original box. Regardless, it’s in good shape and 7 months old. Email me at the abpove address if you’re interested and I’ll give you my info. – Andy

  59. Yes julie, I know that its not worth $120 but I really want one and I figured that I have to pay a premium to get someone else to give theirs up and sell it to me. Lol. They actually probably are not worth the $36-$46 dollars that they charge for them on the web site. So I’m willing to pay it one time. Anyway someone on another site told me that they were still taking orders if you send them a e-mail so ill give them a few days to respond. If I don’t here from them then I will buy yours for $120 andy if you are still willing to sell by then. If I don’t hear from them I will e-mail you to see if you are still interested if they don’t write me back.

  60. my name is Buzz, i`m from Israel. i own a duck bill money clip, that i bought couple of years ago. as store owner, i`m use to carry cash money all the time, and this money clip, is the best thing that i`ve ever had. unfortunately, when i wanted to buy another one (it will be a disaster if this one will get lost) i sent a few mails, but nothing never happened.. it`s a really great American product. i can`t understand why to shut down such a successful brand & factory. after all it is the best money clip ever, and i can understand the guy that wanted to offer 120$ for the clip. since last year, i`m trying the duckbill website every couple of month, checking if anything has changed. i`m still optimistic.

  61. I was one of the lucky ones. I ordered this product a couple of years ago. It arrived within 10 days and even had a $1 in the clip with a note that it was bad luck to give a empty money clip. I had no problems at all. What a shame it has gone downhill.

    I needed another money clip and so I looked at Superior Titanium

    I bought the Viper clip and I liked it better than the Duck Bill. Took about three weeks to arrive, but no problems. Just an alternative to look at.

  62. Ordered mine 4 weeks ago. All I have received is empty promises that it has shipped. Still no sign of it. I think I’ve been ripped off. This company sucks.

  63. Do not order… what a stuff around.

    I ordered one on 01 OCT 2012… many promises later and i still dont have one. (April 2013)

    I did get a refund, but all I really wanted was the money clip. How hard is it????

  64. I honestly think what could be going on is that it’s a “one man show”. It could be that they’re dropping the ball here and there. Don’t think its an issue of not caring. He just needs more employees

  65. I have ordered 3 of their money clips. ALL are great. They were ALL delivered on time. The one I’ve carried for over a year is as good as when I bought it. It’s tough to believe anyone who claims they’re having all these problems. Especially with the quality. Any way … Tony Rocks !!!!! $$


    Save yourself the time and hassle, there is no customer service and you will not receive your product. I am starting to think the company is no longer in business but still accepting orders…

  67. I ordered one a few years ago. Absolutely no problems with anything from the shipping to the product. It is the best money clip I have ever seen or heard of. I still use it to this day and the “snap” is still as strong as day one. I don’t recall the date I ordered but I know it has been at least four or five years. It’s in my pocket now. Don’t know what could have happened to all the others but I have no complaints and I’m sure at least a couple of my friends ordered one with no hassle. I had to reply to all this just to say this is 2018 and I would order another.

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