Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Case Review

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Julie received an e-mail from Tanya Jeffers of Connecting Point Communications. Tanya requested we review Kensington’s Contour Balance Notebook Case, and see how their cases differ from competitors. I was lucky enough to be selected for the testing and review of the case. When I unboxed the case, there was a chain tag with the phrase, “Fits like your favorite pair of shoes.” There was also a sleek figure in high heels above this phrase. I immediately thought, “Yeah, like that is possible for me!” Not only because I wear a size 10 wide shoe, but it is difficult for me to find stylish, comfy shoes. My favorite shoes are tennis shoes, so all I could think was, “Will this bag really be as comfortable as them?” After testing this case, I quickly realized it was not only possible but I could achieve a great fit at an affordable price!


Holds most laptops that are up to 15″ wide
Media storage and accessory panels
Three zippered pockets and two exterior panels
Zipper closure keeps laptop secure
Fold down shoulder straps
Light-colored lining to find items fast
AirBrakeâ„¢ bottom cushion for impact-resistance
Exterior dimensions 6.0″ thick X 11.5″ tall X 18.0″ wide 
Notebook compartment 1.6″L X 10.0″H X 13.6″W
Product Weight: 2.7 lbs
Case cubic feet: 1.39
Material: Polyethelene foam’ Water-resistant and Air-Flo Contour™
Color: Onyx

When I unboxed the bag, the stylish look of the case caught my eye. There are so many details; the case looked more like a trendy, oversized handbag than a laptop case. For starters, there is a fun, flowery design along the top of the bag. The straps have this design on one side and are solid black on the other. The case is also trimmed in white thread. All of these little details make this Kensington case stand out, yet still be a professional accessory.

Appearances aside, I started examining the case closer and was impressed by many aspects. The side panels are made with an Air-Flo Contourâ„¢ material. This allows your side to not get hot when carrying the case over your shoulder. The contouring of the bag allows it to hug your side, too. All of these design factors provide greater comfort and ease when carrying the case.

The straps for the bag are exceptional in design. The optional shoulder strap is adjustable, so the weight of the case can fit at your center of gravity. It also has a cushioned shoulder harness, softening the pressure on your shoulder.

When you don’t want to use the shoulder strap, it fits nicely in either holder on the sides of the bag. The holders double as a place to store a drink or water bottle.

The handles are sleek and at an appropriate length to maximize your comfort. You can easily carry the case below your hip, since the weight of the bag is in the center. There was no strain when I was walking with this bag, whether it was at my side or below my hip. The other benefit to the handles is the magnetic clasp. When the straps are brought together, they stay together and stand up.

When exploring inside the bag, there are more benefits. There are three zippered compartments and two exterior pockets.

Each of the zippered pockets are lined with a grey, nylon-like material. The two exterior pockets have the flowery design and the center pocket is quilted for your laptop.

Within the two exterior compartments, there is ample room to store your personal items. What is nice is one side holds all your smaller items, and the opposite side holds the bulkier items. This really helps keep me organized.

The center zippered pocket is for your laptop. The laptop was a snug fit for my 15” laptop. As I zipped it, I was impressed with the fit. There was no way the computer was going to get tossed around.

As I mentioned, there are two exterior, ticket pockets. These are great to toss the documents or thin items you need to have quickly accessible. I liked keeping my slim line phone and keys in this pocket, as well as a small notepad.

The last aspect is the bottom of the bag. The exclusive AirBrakeâ„¢ bottom cushion is designed to protect your computer. The metal prongs along the bottom absorb the initial impact. The hard bottom will break to take more of the impact. And, the deep-quilted interior would hopefully absorb the rest.

The Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Case easily replaces my traditional laptop case and purse. The blending of stylish design with the comfort and carrying ease of the case has so many benefits. For the overall concept and functionality of the bag, it is at an affordable price. I enjoyed carrying the case, since it reduced the amount of strain on my back and muscles. I liked how it was contoured and adjustable to various heights. The other aspect was how snug it held my laptop and the added protection of the case. After experiencing the Contour Balance Notebook Case, I agree that it does fit like my favorite pair of shoes.


Product Information

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Air-Flo Contour Panel dissipates heat and hugs the body
  • Light interior allows user to quickly find items
  • Deep-quilted, impact-resistant notebook compartment
  • AirBrake â„¢ bottom cushion protects your computer
  • Organization advantages with multi-use pockets
  • Lightweight, compact, and sleek design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Holds laptops up to 15.4” (size of laptop, not your screen)
  • Detachable shoulder strap tucks away
  • Water-resistant material
  • Overall color is only available in onyx with white trim

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