Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-24

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Judie is all excited to receive the Engineering test sample of the DualCor cPC. Me, not so much. I just can’t seem get too thrilled about the whole teeny tiny Windows XP in your hand devices anymore. It’s crazy because just a few years ago, I would have sold one of my kidneys to get one. Now after having reviewed the Sony U71, OQO and most recently the Sony UX50, I have come to realize that these devices are more fun to play with than they are to actually use. For me personally, their screens are just too small and their battery life way too short to run a full blown operating system such as Windows XP.

Of course the DualCor has the whole dually operating system thing going for it, which interests me more than the UMPC devices. You can flip flop back and forth between using it as a Pocket PC or as a Win XP device. Yes, that’s a pretty nifty feature. But for me, I would never carry it around with me everywhere I go like my Treo 650, because it’s just too honking big (6.5 x 3.3 x 1.2in). If I can’t easily fit it in my pocket (back pocket of my jeans, or side leg cargo pants pocket), then I don’t think I will get much use out of it.

When the DualCor was first announced, Judie and I both wanted one. But when it came down to going ahead with purchasing a 2nd engineering sample last week, I declined. Maybe I will change my mind once Judie gets hers, but at this point, I don’t think I will. I’m more interested in mobile phones and smartphones these days. Now if only Apple would come out with a itty bitty Mac OS X device… Hmmmmmmmmmm…. I wonder how much I can get for my kidney on eBay?

I’ve started a thread and a poll in the forums. I want to hear which devices work best for all of you.

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