Photon Micro Light II FlexBeam Lighting System

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Julie and I often joke about how nice it would be to each have a clone, but
there are times when I would simply settle for an extra hand. I can totally
imagine it: an extra hand to rub my temples while I am working on a review, an
extra hand to pour a Diet Coke when my cup is dry…hmmm, I could get used to

Although it isn’t quite the scientific wonder that I usually have in mind
when I envision one, the Photon
Micro Light II
Flexbeam Lighting System
is a product that can act also as an extra hand –
by holding a flashlight and shining a beam of light directly where it’s needed,
even when both of its user’s hands are busy. Is the Flexbeam Lighting System
(FLS) practical enough to use on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of
situations? Let’s take a look…

photon microlight flexbeam system1 

The FLS comes in a handy metallic tin which includes a
Photon Micro-Light II
with a bit of Velcro attached, a Hands-Free Photon Clip, an eight inch long
goose-neck adapter with Velcro on one end and a mount on the other, as well as
two bases – one magnetic and one suction cup.

photon microlight flexbeam system2

The underside of the tin has a nappy anti-skid fabric on it, which can come
in handy…

photon microlight flexbeam system3

…I’ll discuss how a bit further into the review.

So let’s take a look at how the FLS works. The first component is the
Photon Micro-Light II,
which I

reviewed earlier this year

photon microlight flexbeam system4

My review covered the purple LED Photon Micro-Light II, whereas this kit
includes the bright white version. Other than the color of their LED’s, both
lights are the same. Since I have already covered the torch’s operation and
features in detail for that previous review, I’ll just mention that in this
application a small round patch of soft Velcro has been added to the light’s
underside which allows the torch to be held by the gooseneck stand.

photon microlight flexbeam system13   
photon microlight flexbeam system5

The base of the stand has an opening which can accept either the magnetic or
suction mount, depending on where the user will be working and what type of
surface will be supporting the mount.

photon microlight flexbeam system6

Depending on what type surface is available while working, either the magnet
or suction cup may be the better choice. If there is nothing magnetic nearby and
the work surface is too rough for the suction cup, then the magnetic base can be
used and perched on top of the tin; the anti-skid fabric on the bottom of the
tin will help keep it stable.

photon microlight flexbeam system7 
photon microlight flexbeam system8

Also included in the kit is a multi-purpose Photon Clip. This clip accepts
any Photon Light with or without a spring ring installed, and allows the light
to be clipped to anything with a free edge of under 0.2" for hands free
operation. For additional positioning options, there are three magnets on the
bottom of the clip so that it can be attached to any steel surface. The clip can
swivel 360º
horizontally and 180º vertically, allowing
it to be positioned as needed for proper beam aiming.

photon microlight flexbeam system9

Here you can see the clip holding the Photon Light steady from the top of the
storage can…

photon microlight flexbeam system10 
photon microlight flexbeam system11

Here is yet another place where the magnet base can come in handy – inside
the breaker box on a dark night. The magnet base just grabs the steel door –
instantly creating a lighting system.

photon microlight flexbeam system12

For those that already own a Photon Light, there is an option available that
allows the purchase of just the mounting equipment – without the tin and without
the Micro-Light II. In that case, a patch of velcro is included so that the
already owned light may be mounted.

While the Photon
Micro Light II
Flexbeam Lighting System
is not exactly an extra hand, it does the job of one when it comes to holding a steady beam.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Photon Light
  • Multiple uses with included accessories
  • Hands-free placement of light
  • None

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