Brando 3 LED Clip-On Flashlight

Product Requirements:
3 LR44 (AG13) Batteries (comes with first set)

How many of you read books in rooms that aren’t really bright enough? I catch
my daughter doing it all the time, which is why I was interested in reviewing
the Gadget Brando
3 LED Clip-On
. Granted, nowhere on the packaging amidst the mentions of how it
can be used for "camping" and "outdoor activity" does it say "reading", but that
didn’t sway me.


Picture courtesy of Gadget Brando

Measuring approximately 3" long, 2" tall and 1" at the widest point, the
clip-on light is composed of translucent plastic with a slightly frosted
appearance. The plastic clip is fairly study, and it’s metal spring-bar has a
very tight "grab".

The flashlight is on a great ball-swivel that allows it to be aimed in just
about any direction.

After removing the clip-on light from its package, the lens portion must be
unscrewed to extract the paper that sits between the top battery and the
contacts. Once that has been done, the flashlight is turned on and off by
twisting the lens end.


The three LEDs are extremely bright, and when placed near the middle of
either a paper or hardback book, it will illuminate both pages.

Because there is about 3/4 of an inch between the swivel base of the light
and the clip, the flashlight can be attached either to the back cover of the
book or to a small bundle of pages behind the section being read. Where it is
clipped will depend upon the thickness of the book.

Now granted, this light wasn’t exactly made with reading books in mind. It
doesn’t have a long neck, so when pages are turned they have to be passed under
the light, but doing this isn’t that big of a hassle. Another option is clipping
the light onto the clothing near the shoulder of the reader, and aiming the beam
to fall upon the book unencumbered. Now granted, this isn’t exactly a fashion
look that people are going to be climbing all over themselves to obtain, but it

In fact I took a look at the LED edition of the

Itty Bitty Book Light
, with which I feel this clip-on light can compete. Where the IBBL has only two LEDs, the Gadget Brando version has three;
the price for the Brando version is also substantially less expensive.

The great thing about LEDs is that their bulbs last for many thousands of
hours. My daughter has been using the light to read (or to just generally play
with) for about a week; so far the batteries are still going strong.

The Gadget Brando
3 LED Clip-On
is a great gift for someone that doesn’t always read in the best
lighting conditions. It is also great for its designated use – which is to clip onto hats, visors, belts,
backpacks or other suitable areas when camping or participating in other outdoor

Price: $6.50 (batteries included)

Long lasting and bright LED lights
Clip is heavy duty and the light can be swiveled in any direction
Can be used for reading or activities in dim lighting

If there were just a little bit more of a neck on the light, then it would be
the best priced LED reading light I’ve seen

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