USB Lighted X’mas Tree Review

Product Requirements:
A free USB port

If my little
snow woman
was a wee bit too feminine for your Holiday workspace, then you
might want to take a look at the
USB X’mas Tree.

Picture courtesy of USB Geek

Comprised of a textured translucent body with a 38" USB cord attached from
the rear, the X’mas tree stands approximately 4.25" tall from its silver plastic
base to the top of its golden star. Since we won’t have a Christmas tree this
year, this little USB toy will have to do. It plugs directly into any free USB
port on the computer and cycles through all of its colors. The effect is
gorgeous, especially in a darker room.


If you are looking for a simple way to spread some holiday cheer at the
office, then the
USB X’mas Tree
, available from USB
, is a great place to start.

Price: $16

Easy to operate
Cheerful holiday item
Great office gift



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11 thoughts on “USB Lighted X’mas Tree Review”

  1. You won’t be having a Christmas tree this year!!! 😮
    How can you not have a Christmas tree?….wait don’t bother answering that questioin because there is no right answer.
    A Christmas without a Christmas tree is like a rock wearing a hat…it just doesn’t make sense. 😉


  2. Aequitas, what’s the point? We’ll be gone the 18th through the 26th in Hawaii with family. If we had a tree set up then it would be lonely. :p

  3. Judie wrote:

    Aequitas, what’s the point? We’ll be gone the 18th through the 26th in Hawaii with family. If we had a tree set up then it would be lonely. :p

    I didn’t know you would be in Hawaii….will you have a tree in Hawaii? If not you must reschedual your trip so that you can have a Christmas tree….and I mean a real one not an artificial one. 😉


  4. Judie wrote:

    I’m sure that the hotel will have one for us…in the lobby. 😉

    I guess it will have to do….just make sure next year you have two! 😉


  5. I must say that the USB tree is a great idea! I just emailed the USB geeks for bulk pricing so that I can set them up all over my office.

  6. Judie wrote:

    Meredyth, I want to see pictures when you do. :0)

    But of course! Right now, I have a mini fiber-optic tree in the main corridor. Every holiday, I have a “make your own ornament out of office/lab supplies” contest for that tree. We’ve had some *really* creative entries in the past. This year, I’m making a wreath out of Cat5 cable 🙂


    PS: Does anyone have a good reccomendation for an AC-powered 8+ USB hub? The ones I have been using just don’t seem to want to power 8 devices without complaining.

  7. Too bad the USB ports on ReplayTVs aren’t even powered…..

    The cable box one is, but I have a laptop cooler running off of it….to keep my cable box cool.

    The Dreamer.

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