SpeckProducts iPAQ 1900 Series Skin Review

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Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ 1900 series Pocket PC

Ever since I got my ipaq 1945 for Christmas, I’ve dreamed of the perfect case for it. Is this case it? Read on to find out…

speck ipaq1

When I got received the SpeckProducts iPAQ 1900 series case, I did a little dance. I absolutely fell in love with this style case after I read Julie’s iPod Skin review (I’m one of those viewers who reads every single review-reguardless if I am interested in the product or not!). I have previously owned Speck PDA Screen protectors that I bought off of eBay, and I have come to love the comapany. They stand for quality and support in my book.

The iPaq skin is available in 3 colors: lime, blue, and clear. Speck sent me the clear. If you like more than one, you can get a 3-pack.

This case is very similar to the iPod Skin, reviewed by Julie. In fact, it is made of the exact same material. This rubbery material (called KRATON) acts as a shock absorber to help prevent damage to the PDA. It weighs only 1 oz and is about .1 inches thick. The PDA is entirely enclosed in skin—except the sync port, record button/IR window, stylus silo, SD card slot, headphone jack, and select button. The case’s back is “ribbed for comfort” and ease of grip. The entire case is textured, so I’m not sure how well the grips help, but whatever. Under the ribs is the speck logo.

speck ipaq3

The case also has a clear plastic window. This allows you to look up a quick phone number or appointment without ever opening the case. It does have a place to grab hold of it to open it, and it opens to about 130 degrees. I love the built in screen protection, and the convenience of the window!

speck ipaq2

The power button and app buttons are covered in skin. The skin actually makes the power button a lot easier to press, it now takes almost zero force to turn on and off the PDA. The same for the left, right, up, and down D-Pad buttons. The app buttons are covered, and this makes them a little stiffer to press, compared to naked buttons. They’re not impossible to press by any means, but not as easy. One of my major complaints about the case is the select button. It is left uncovered, but it is very difficult to press. Nearly every time, I find myself pressing either the left or right buttons on the D-pad. This is, even on a naked PDA, small and difficult to press, and is exacerbated by the thickness of the case.

Insertion of the PDA is very simple. You simply insert the PDA into the window opening and stretch the case over the PDA, then replace the window cover.

Another complaint I have is the reset button is covered. This isn’t that big of a deal, as you can simply poke a hole out of the case with a pocket knife or X-Acto knife. It’s fairly simple. I made a small “X” with my knife, and resetting is a breeze!

My final complaint is the packaging. It is that darned plastic bubble packaging that I completely loathe. I think they should make it the type that can come apart by “buttons” at the top. Instead, it is the typical fused plastic that can only be opened via atom bomb! No, seriously, I just used a knife, but it is very thick, and I had to do more “sawing” that I felt necessary.

Once you “customize” this case by cutting a reset hole, there is no need to ever take the PDA out, as you can sync the PDA using the cable you got with the PDA. I don’t have the cradle, so I can’t comment on that. I love this case, it is officially replacing my Belkin leather case! Thanks, Speck!


Price: $24.95 for one, $34.95 for a 3-pack


Shock-Absorbing Material
Great Screen Protection
Better Grip on PDA
Doesn’t add much noticable weight or thickness


No Reset Hole
Select and App buttons harder to press


Product Information

Manufacturer:Speck Products
  • Shock-Absorbing Material
  • Great Screen Protection
  • Better Grip on PDA
  • Doesn't add much noticable weight or thickness
  • No Reset Hole
  • Select and App buttons harder to press

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  2. Just a few quick typos:

    – reguarded should be regarded
    – “…atom bomb.” should be “…an atom bomb.”

    Good review!

  3. I don’t know how they would do it with the slider, but if they make a T3 case, they have a purchase from me.

  4. Originally posted by forrester
    I don’t know how they would do it with the slider, but if they make a T3 case, they have a purchase from me.

    A case for the T3 would need to be two piece, or verrryy stretchy!


  5. A T3 case would probably have to be a 2-piece

    They are making a Zire71 skin case, which also has a slider, so maybe they can come up with a T-series case …. 🙂

    I’m the author, btw 🙂

  6. While I am dreaming of a T3 model, I am going to request that they make a smokey blackish grey color.

    Just in case Speck is reading this thread. 😉

  7. This is an update on this case. Recently, this case has become discolored and really looks nasty. I don’t know what caused it: it could just be my hand’s natural oil. I have tried to wash it off, using soap, and other substances (even bleach) and it wouldn’t come off. Just a word to the wise, after a while this case (at least mine) becomes discolored and looks terrible. Mine turned an unfortunate shade of green 😡

    I tried to take pics, but the camera didn’t reproduce the color well enough to get a good idea of the discoloration…

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