Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-02-18

Reviewers Needed!

I have a few goodies that I'm willing to mail out to 3 volunteer reviewers. These reviewers need to be able to write coherently, and must possess a digital camera that can take VERY good macro shots.

Goodies up for grabs this time around are two webcams from Crayton Electronics. One for desktop PCs, and one for notebook PCs.
qcam530 1qcam530 2

In addition to those products, I also have a 1500 mAh internal replacement battery for Compaq IPAQ 3100, 3600 and 3700 series Pocket PCs.


If you are interested in reviewing any of these products, send me an email with a little info about yourself and why I should allow you to write the review. Those that I pick will be able to keep the products after submitting their review.

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