Sportgear Neo Azen Storm Proof Lighter Review

Christmas is coming, and for those with a camper, hunter, outdoorsman or
anyone else on the gift list that might need a lighter which can perform under
adverse conditions, there is the latest offering from
Azen Storm
Proof Lighters

Similar to their lighters
that I reviewed last year, the new Neo (900 series)  is made for those who
might have to deal with wind and rain while starting a fire. What sets the Neo
lighters apart is the fact that they are much more rugged than those I
previously reviewed. They are also a bit wider, which makes them easier to
handle while wearing gloves.

The exterior of the Neo is shelled in a thick hard rubber skin, which should
protect it from drops, crushing or other shocks. Avaiable exterior colors
include amber, forest or aqua.

The Neo is made with easy one-handed operation in mind. A rolling metal clip
keeps the lighter’s cover in place, but a flick of the thumb will expose the
lighting mechanism when needed. A push button on the side of the lighter flips
the lid back, and a blue "jet flame" is produced when the black plastic igniter
is pressed.

These "jet flames" are much more resistant to wind or weather than a
traditional BIC-style traditional flame. I was pleased with the fact that from
the first flick, there were no fuel-wasting misfires. That is saying a lot for
an inexpensive lighter!

According to the packaging, the Neo is "windproof and waterproof", which is
consistent with the backyard testing I subjected it to. This lighter also
features a machine sealed gas chamber from which you can check fluid levels
through the side window and a bottom adjustable flame screw.

A neck lanyard is included with each lighter, which will make it that much
less likely to be lost or misplaced when outdoors. However, the lanyard can be
removed and the lighter pocketed should the user prefer.

The Neo Storm Proof Lighter is an inexpensive way to make sure that your
favorite outdoorsman is never without a flame. It is also handy for lighting
cigars and cigarettes, should someone be so inclined. ;0)

Price: $7.95 (+ $3.50 shipping cost in US Funds.
Lighters ground shipped without butane gas for safety.)
Available in amber, forest and aqua translucent colors
To purchase make contact here.

Inexpensive and reliable lighter
Included neck lanyard
Adjustable flame
Water and wind resistant
Pocketable size


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6 thoughts on “Sportgear Neo Azen Storm Proof Lighter Review”

  1. uh….this is waaay off topic but judie whats up wiht the sig?
    it got me like half right, which was odd.

  2. Only half right? Darn, I am slipping!

    It’s a signature I saw that I thought was fun…big brother is watching. 😉

    Judie :0)

  3. Originally posted by Judie
    [B]Only half right? Darn, I am slipping!

    It’s a signature I saw that I thought was fun…big brother is watching. 😉

    Judie :0) [/B]

    I think it’s kinda fun too, but that address is completely wrong, none of the octets are correct. Of course, the firewall and MAC shim help 😉 . The OS and browser are correct though.

    The opposite is true when I’m surfing on the couch or in bed with my T3, the IP is correct but it will have me as a Netscape user.

    Fun anyways though:p

    PS: Shoulden’t that be “big sister”?

  4. I’d buy one of these for my brother, but I don’t want to encourage his habit 🙁

    Does the lighter work in all positions?

  5. Altema,

    I held the lighter upside down (not something I have ever tried before) and it worked fine. it is not quite as “jet-like” a flame, but it definitely works.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to encourage your brother’s habit – but if he is going to smoke anyway, and you know he would appreciate it, then it would make a thoughtful gift…unless you think it might start some kind of family war. Been there, done that. 😉

    Judie :0)

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