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Name: Carin van Geijtenbeek
Location: The Netherlands

My name is Carin van Geijtenbeek. I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands and I am 26
years old. I am one of those rare female computer- and gadgets freaks. In 2001, I
bought my first Palm, a IIIxe, later followed by a m505. Now I have a Palm
Tungsten T. Palmtops are not the only things I’m interested in, I also like to
have the latest cell phone, portable audio device and digital camera. Testing and
writing about all new different gadgets, like Julie and Judie, is my dream job!
Yes, I am a material girl, but that’s just one side of me. Things can never
substitute friends and family.

I carry and use my gadgets almost everywhere, so they are at least useful. My
other hobbies are skating, fitness, pets, traveling, politics, and having a
drink with my friends.

At the moment I am writing my Master’s thesis. Besides, I work for a Dutch
mobile telecom provider.

If you are a female gadgeteer too, contact me. Gadgets are not just for guys!

My gadgets:
Palm Tungsten T
Orange SPV Smartphone
Vodafone Live! Sharp GX-10
Nokia 6100
Canon PowerShot S230 (Digital Ixus V3)
Sony MZ-N505 minidisc recorder

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