BoxWave ClearTouch Screen Protector Review

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Product Requirements:

AT&T SX56 Pocket PC Phone

Casio E-200

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX

Handspring Treo 180 / 90 / 270 / 300

HP iPAQ 3000 series

HP Jornada 568 / 928

O2/XDA Pocket PC Phone

Palm™ V / Vx / m500

/ IBM Workpad C3

Sony CLIÉ™ PEG-N600C / N700C

/ NR series

/ NX series
S300 / S320 / S360

/ S500
SL10 /

T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone

Toshiba e310

/ e330


BoxWave, manufacturer for the fabulous
that I previously reviewed, has ventured into the screen protection business.
With the introduction of their
Screen Protector, they have entered the realm of other long lasting, glare
reducing, and low-tack protectors along with the likes of
WriteSHIELD, and the

One of the nice things about the ClearTouch Protectors is that they are
forgiving. I managed to get a blob of lint under the screen on my first
application. I simply removed the protector, rinsed it in water, then reapplied.

This type protector is wonderful in that it lasts for a long time, cuts down
your glare, and is virtually indestructible. An added bonus is that a very
non-tacky adhesive is used, so when you remove the protector there is no

I can’t recommend screen protection highly enough, and the ClearTouch
Protectors are a worthy addition to the genre.

Price: $12.95 for one


Excellent, long lasting protection for your screen
Easy to remove – non "tacky" adhesive
Smooth writing surface




Product Information

  • Excellent, long lasting protection for your screen
  • Non-Glare
  • Easy to remove - non "tacky" adhesive
  • Reusable
  • Smooth writing surface
  • None

5 thoughts on “BoxWave ClearTouch Screen Protector Review”

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  2. Any thoughts on how this one compares to the Brando? I’m particularly curious as to the effect the glare reduction has on both of them compares–especially if anybody’s used them on a color screen (I have a Clie T-665).

    I’ve been using a G2 protector, which is wonderful, but because it doesn’t have adhesive beneath it, while it was initially suitably dust-free, some bits of dust/other gunk have managed to somehow find their way under it, which is a pretty high “scratch risk”, since it’s trapped pressed against the screen by the protector. I’m thinking it might be worth switching to one of these low-adhesive ones, but I’d prefer to find one as close to glossy as possible. Any pointers are much appreciated :o)


  3. Andy,

    In all honesty, these 3 screen protectors I reviewed today are extremely similar to each other and to the Brando. They all (including the Brando) will be a bit more opaque than the G2 you are used to using, because of their anti-glare properties.

    They may appear to very slightly “dull” your color PDA’s screen – once again, because of their slight opaqueness.

    Hope this helps,

    Judie :0)

  4. LOL, yeah, it does help, and it doesn’t, if you know what I mean :o) Now I have to decide (A)whether the dust appearing under the G2 is a flaw of the lack of adhesive, or just me screwing up and dust migrating over time, and (B)whether to stick with the G2 or go for the less-clear screen.

  5. I am interested in putting a screen protector on my new M500. Does it cover the graffiti area? If so, will it work with FitalyStamp? My stamp goes a bit beyond the edge of the screen on one side and it might be hard to slip the protector under the case there. Any advise much appreciated.


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