I-O Data Multi PC Card Adapter Review

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Product Requirements:
The following equipment with a PCMCIA Card rated
Type II Slot: PC/AT compatible machines, Apple Macintosh PowerBooks, Handheld

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/2000/Me/98 (Including SE)/95
Windows CE 2.0 and later
Mac OS 8.5/8.6/9.0/9.0.4/9.1/9.2/9.2.1
(This product is not compatible with Sleep functions)

I have been looking for a way to consolidate all of the various memory card
readers that I own into a single PCMCIA card. You see, on any given day  I
can deal with a variety of SD/MMCs, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash and Smart Media
Cards. It can get a bit insane swapping out each cards specific adapter when I
need to access a different card..

While I wish I could tell you that I had found a card reader that would do
all five of the formats I use, I am still pleased that I have found one that
handles four of them – specifically SD/MMC, Memory Sticks and Smart Media.

The I-O Data
Multi PC Card
is a Type II PCMCIA card that is in a word, convenient.

i o data card reader1

Instead of hooking up one of my PDAs that takes SD/MMC or memory stick media
directly to my laptop and transferring files by using the PDA as its own drive,
I can instead go the much quicker route and transfer directly through the card,
via the reader.

i o data reader3

The I-O Data card sits flush with my lap top’s side. Ejecting the PC card
exposes the cut-out, which makes extracting the memory card easy.

One of the best examples of how much time this can save you is seen when
transferring MP3s. Here, you can see what I am talking about…

Transferring one 8MB MP3 to a SD Card Amount of time it took:

To SD Card via Pocket PC Phone Edition and Active Sync

1:40 minutes
To SD Card via the I-O Data Multi PC Card
0:14 seconds


 TEXT There are many different scenarios that I can see where this card
would be very useful:  transferring MP3s to a PDA, transferring pictures
from a camera to your laptop, viewing pictures on your Pocket PC with a PCMCIA

i o data card reader2

This widget has earned a permanent place in my gear bag…unless they happen
to come out with one that also accepts Compact Flash, then I will definitely
have to trade up!

Price: $34.99


Eliminates the need for multiple card readers




Product Information

Manufacturer:I-O Data
  • Eliminates the need for multiple card readers
  • None

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