Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-11-02

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This week has been an a total exercise in frustration! Monday I order the Tungsten T and Zire from the Palm Store with overnight shipping. Tuesday I receive a shipping confirmation email and expect them to be delivered Wednesday. Wednesday comes, no units arrive. [I'm getting slightly irritated…] Later that day I call FedEx and although they show the tracking labels as having been created, they say they never picked up the packages from Palm. [I'm getting very grumpy…] Thursday I call Palm. They goof around, then call me back to say that they have LOST the packages. [My blood pressure is going up several points…] So, they refund my credit card and SAY that they are re-ordering the units with overnight shipping and I will have them Friday. Meanwhile, Judie calls me at work to gloat about walking into a local Office Depot and buying a T off the shelf. [I go home, kick my dog and stick a pin in my Judie voodoo doll…] Friday comes. I've yet to get a shipping confirmation email so I call the Palm Store to inquire about it. They look it up and wonder upon wonders, they NEVER re-submitted my order! [I start searching Google for the common symptoms of a brain aneurysm…] Palm re-submits the order with complimentary overnight shipping (woo, lucky me!!!) but they now show the T with a 5-15 day lead time! [My co-workers inquire about my purple complexion…] I go home from work and walk on the treadmill to relieve some stress. When finished, I check my email and see a shipping confirmation from Palm. I expect it only to show the Zire shipping, but it shows that the T has shipped as well! [The corners of my mouth start turn up into what may be the makings of a smile…] I read the email closer. The Zire shipped with FedEx overnight but the T shipped with Ground 3-5 day UPS!!! [This must be a nightmare…] I grab the phone and call the Palm Store. I tell the girl on the other end that she's going to wish that she had never gotten me in her queue. I vent my frustration. She interjects “wow” and “I'm very sorry” at all the appropriate points in the conversation. She is confused that the T even shows as shipping because they are out of stock. She puts me on hold several times but ultimately comes back and basically says “sorry bout your luck, but I can't do diddly”. I request to submit a formal complaint. She takes my info. I hang up. [I start to giggle. My dog tells me to get a grip…] I watch TV and then go to bed. [I dream of 50 FedEx trucks pulling into my drive way. It was a happy dream…] I wake up. [My dog says “good morning”. I reply with “go eat a stick”.] In a masochistic fit, I check the tracking numbers for both the Zire and the T. The Zire shows up as sitting in Louisville, Ky. The T shows up in Columbus, IN (where I live)! [My stomach does a flip flop!] I call my UPS office knowing full well that they are not open on Saturdays. The phone rings and rings and rings. No answer. [I consider the ramifications of breaking and entering…] Monday I will have both units. What's another 2 days to wait? [My dog says “you really should go outside and enjoy beautiful autumn day”. I call the Humane Society.]

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