RoadWired The Pod Bag Review

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In case you couldn’t tell, here at The Gadgeteer, we love cases and bags! As
you can imaging though, after reviewing hundreds of them (no, I’m not
exaggerating…), we aren’t always chomping at the bit to write the next one.
But, sometimes something ‘different’ comes along that makes a typical review not
feel like a chore. This time, that something different is the Pod from

The Pod is a smallish 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon bag that is well suited for
a variety uses. Photographers will love it, travelers will appreciate it, and
Gadgeteers will have to have one to carry their ‘stuff’ from place to place.

First of all, this bag has a unique shape that is both functional and
pleasant to the eye. Having a square shape and a flat bottom, it sits perfectly
on a flat surface and will not fall over. With an overall size of:  7 x 6.5
x 5in. and a weight of 13 oz, this isn’t a large bag by any means, but you will
be very surprised at what all this little guy can hold!


The main core of the bag is a 5.5in deep 3.5 x 3.5in square padded cavity
that has a removable padded nylon sling. This sling cradles the contents to
protect them from shock. I found that I could comfortably fit either my Nikon
Coolpix 990 digital camera alone or my CLIÉ NR70V with my Canon S110 digital
camera in this area. This main compartment is covered with a flap that contains
a see-thru plastic pocket as well as a hidden pocket behind it. The flap is
secured with a plastic clip.

In addition to the main cavity, the Pod has 3 other zippered storage
compartments. One on each side (except the back) of the bag. These compartments
all have dual zippers with metal pulls. When fully unzipped, the pockets which
are sort of hinged at the bottom, flap open like wings.


The compartment on the front of the bag has a mesh pocket on the inside as
well as 4 elastic loops for batteries and 3 larger elastic loops for items such
as  film rolls.

The compartment on the left side of the bag has 4 elastic pockets in which CF
cards and other type of media fit perfectly. A small nylon pocket with a Velcro
flap lines the other side of the compartment. A mesh pocket is sewn into the
outside of the compartment and can easily fit most cell phones.

The compartment on the right side of the bag is very similar to the left
side. It also has a nylon pocket. The difference is that it has one large
elastic slot with 2 yellow elastic bands above it. I found that this area can
hold PCMCIA cards perfectly.


There are three ways to transport this bag. A small handle on the top flap
allows you to carry the bag by hand. If you prefer to wear it, the back of the
Pod has 2 sets of straps that you can run your belt thru to make the bag into a
fanny pack of sorts. If wearing the bag in this manner makes you want to cringe
(I’ve never been a fanny pack fan…), you can also use the included adjustable
shoulder strap. This strap connects to the bag using swivel metal spring clips
that attach to metal D rings. The only thing really missing from the strap is a
shoulder pad of some kind. I personally have trouble keeping these type of
straps from sliding off my shoulder unless I wear the bag bandolier style..

When I first requested this bag, I was hoping that it would be large enough
to become my daily small gear bag A.K.A. Julie-purse. Unfortunately for me, it
is a little too small for that task as it can’t hold my billfold, and checkbook.
If it were twice as wide, it would be perfect for me. Instead, Judie has gotten
me interested in Louis Vuitton bags! Ha! Yes, she’s a very bad influence! ;o)

Even though this bag doesn’t fit my personal requirements for an everyday
gear bag, it is going to work out great as a little camera bag when I go on
vacations. Construction, materials, and functionality are all first rate.

Price: $49.95
Available in Black/Black, Titanium/Black, Navy/Black and Red/Black

20 pockets

A little too small


Product Information


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  2. Hi Guys,

    You’re my men…..ooops….ladies….

    Israel is apparently off-the-list for Microsoft, but your article quite gave us the whole picture. Thx. for that.

    For this and the rest of your best work, you’ve been nominated to the rank of Israel’s PocketCoIl virtual members of the Editors staff…..:) !

    Probably we’ll meet sometime here’n’there, and I’m looking forward to this.

    Cheers ,


    Saar Avigour
    Executive Editor – Mobility
    a.s.i.p./ channel 3
    The Hi-Tech News Channel
    Israel Digital Life-Style Portal
    MS Israel PocketPC Forum – Tech Support
    Tel: +972-3-549-0852
    Fax: +972-3-549-1420
    Mobile: +972-54-772-085
    e-mail: [email protected]

  3. Julie,

    It was great meeting you and I have to say this was the best experience I have ever had since I have been involved in the PDA community. You have some great photos and it makes me realize I need to go get a new digital camera. Any recommendations?

    Joel and I just posted our report as well if you want to check it out.

  4. Hey Matthew,

    I thought my photos were pretty miserable… my little bitty Sony U20 doesn’t do very well in low light. I have a Canon SD10 on order. It’s going to replace the Sony and maybe even my Nikon Coolpix 990 for macro (if it’s up to the challenge).

  5. The Nexio is a great device! It is like a baby XP box. One cool feature is the detachable keyboard. It even makes a fun connection sound when you attach it while the PDA is turned on.

    The price is very prohibitive though…

  6. I’ll have a review of the Nexio S160 posted in the next few days, now that I’m recovered from Mobius :wow:

    Great write-up, Julie!

  7. Julie,

    This is great wrapped up. I’m just curious that how you guys get invited to this event?

    As of webmonster and Gadget lover, I would like to get a chance for similar event.

    Advise please.

    I’m fan of your site 😮

  8. SK:

    Microsoft sends invitations to Pocket PC and mobile phone related sites that cause a blip on their radar. My advice is to continue doing what you’re doing and maybe you’ll be ‘discovered’ soon! 🙂

  9. Originally posted by Julie

    Microsoft sends invitations to Pocket PC and mobile phone related sites that cause a blip on their radar. My advice is to continue doing what you’re doing and maybe you’ll be ‘discovered’ soon! 🙂 [/B]

    Thanks Julie. I wish Microsoft person turn their eyes to my site very very soon. 😮

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