Brando Workshop Protector Plus Review

Product Requirements:
Screen Protectors are available
for the following devices: Palm III/IIIc, Palm m100/105, Palm V/Vx, Palm
m500/m505, Visor Deluxe/Platinum/Prism, Visor Edge, Clie 300/320/500, Clie
600/610/700c/710c, Handera 330, Compaq iPAQ, Casio E-125

By now, most of you probably know how strongly I believe in putting a screen
protector on every PDA I own…even the PDAs I don’t like (which shall remain
nameless…). A screen protector
just makes sense, unless you truly don’t care if you scratch up your screen
while entering daily notes or playing games.

If you hardly ever use your PDA, you might never need a screen
protector…but I am willing to bet that if you are at this site reading these
reviews, you are using your PDA like it was intended…and you are a
perfect candidate for screen protection.

There are basically two forms available these days: "stick-on", and
"slide-under." Stick-on protection uses an adhesive to affix the protector to
the screen of your PDA. It is extremely easy to get air bubbles trapped under
the protector when you are new to using this method. Since the stick-on
protectors can be quite pricey – depending on which brand you buy – this can be
a bit distressing for those that haven’t mastered the stick-on installation
method, but want proper protection for their screen.

Slide-under protection involves taking a piece of thin plastic, and
sliding it under
the sides of your PDA where they meet and cover a portion
of the glass screen. This method never leaves bubbles, but if you aren’t careful
you can get dust under the protector which can be just as distressing. This is
usually just a simple matter of making sure you apply the protector after you
have adequately cleaned the PDA’s screen and doing the application while in a
clean environment.

I recently had the pleasure of trying a new, third type of screen protection,
put out by Brando Workshop. For those
of you that aren’t familiar with Brando, this company is out of Hong Kong, and
they have many innovative items that they offer for both Palm and Pocket PC OS

Brando calls this new screen protection the
Protector Plus. It
is a bit different than either of the other slide-under protection types I have
reviewed in the past. It is similar to the stick on type, but it is thicker and
less flexible, more like the slide-under types. It is also basically meant to be
the last screen protector you will ever buy.

Brando says that these new screen protectors are "removable, washable,
anti-scratch, dust prevention, and anti-reflection." That definitely qualifies
them as a new breed of screen protection in my book; so based on that
description I had to give them a

brando protector1

I received protectors for both the Palm m100 and the Palm V. Since my Palm
m100 is already so heavily modified
by Brando, I thought it would only be appropriate to focus on this PDA while
looking at their new protectors. Please realize while you read this that there
are a lot of other PDAs that these protectors will work on; so if you like what
I have to say about this protector, you might want to give the appropriate model
a try on your own PDA – whatever it may be.

The first thing you will notice when you get your package is that there is
only one protector in the kit. If you are used to receiving a dozen or so
protectors when you buy screen protection, this might give you a jolt. Don’t
worry, you haven’t been ripped off.

You’ll also notice that this protector is a little bit thicker than what you
are used to seeing (assuming you have tried other screen protectors in the
past). It comes in a transparent plastic baggy, and there is a yellow arrow
affixed to one of the sides. Each screen protector is custom cut to fit the
screen of your particular PDA.

brando protector2

There are a couple steps you need to take to correctly install your
protector: First, wipe down the screen of your PDA very well. It is important to
get every bit of fuzz, dust, and "left-over stick-on screen protector gunk" off
of there.

Next, you will pull on the yellow piece of tape with the arrow printed on it.
This reveals the smooth, lightly sticky, part of the protector that will go next
to your PDA’s screen.

If you get any bubbles under the screen while applying, you can either slide
a credit card over the screen to "squeegee" them out or simply pull the
protector up and lay it back down. This is something you could have never done
with an ordinary stick-on protector – but then, it is also something you never
have to do with a slide-under protector. So there are a couple ways to look at

I managed to correctly place the protector, sans bubbles, on the first try.

There is a slightly textured side that faces up. It creates an experience
reminiscent of paper when you write on its surface with a stylus. The only
downside to this is that while the protector makes the screen anti-reflective,
and virtually glare-free; it also seems to dampen the screen a bit, and make it
appear slightly milky. This is a small trade-off, to be sure, but I just want
you to be aware of it..

brando protector3
My m100 features a clear Brando
Color Set replacement shell with
a PDA Body-Guard Cool Plate

Personally, I prefer a more "glass-like" writing surface so I would like it
if the screen protectors were just a little bit clearer and smoother, However, there are
those that will prefer the matte finish these protectors provide, and they will
like the "paper" feel..

I have had the Brando protector on my m100 for several weeks. I have taken
notes, and played my favorite monochrome games – Pipeline and Pyramid
many times, just to make sure that the screen protector got a good workout all
over and not just in the Graffiti area. I noticed no new scratches, the
protector still looks brand newIncredible! I should also point
out that I am using the Pentopia Chameleon,
and not a stock stylus.

Perhaps the coolest thing of all, is that is you should ever feel the need to
clean your protector (though I don’t know why you would want to), you can peel
the Brando protector up, and wash it. Then you simply re-apply it to your
PDA. The sticky substance on the smooth side of the protector will still work,
even after being doused in soapy water.

I can recommend the Brando Workshop Protector Plus. I think it is a good
value for the money, and I really like that it is virtually scratch-proof.

Price:  $12 (includes shipping)

Virtually scratch-proof
Easy to install
May be the last screen protector you ever buy for your PDA


I would like a glossier writing surface, but this is my personal


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