Visor Backup Module Review

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In my business travels during the last week I met and
exchanged contact information with many people. We showed off our PDAs, and of
course, beamed data back and forth. All of them had Palm computers, either the
Palm III of Palm V.  I was the only one in our group with a green Visor
Deluxe.  Having been unable to bring along our cradles for the week, I was
also the only one with a foolproof method of backing up their PDA.

backupmodule The Backup Module for the
Visor from Handspring
is, in a word, cool!   It’s one of the reasons that I got the
Visor in the first place. With the Backup Module,
all  you have to do is insert the module and tap an onscreen button
to back up all of your data and apps! It’s really that simple.
When I say that the backup is foolproof, I really mean
it.  When you plug the module in, a window pops up asking you if you
want to backup the Visor? In the corner is another button asking if you
want to restore data. You just tap the backup button on the screen, and it
starts downloading all your data. A status bar moves along to let you know
how much time is left, and before you know it, it’s all backed up. If you
want to restore, you hit the other button.

I have about 2 MB of the available 8 MB used up so far on my
Visor. The Backup Module will backup an entire 8 MB machine,
but it may take some time.  To do my machine at 2 MB it takes about 1.5
minutes. I would estimate that a 8 MB machine would take considerably longer.
All I can tell you is that there is a certain level of relief that comes with
having your PDA backed up when you are out of the office for an entire week. So
it’s worth the wait.

I did some research prior to purchasing my Backup
.  I contacted someone that set his Visor up, then backed it
up with the Backup Module. He then cleared his Visor of
everything, and did a restore. His Visor was exactly the same as it was before
he deleted all the data.

If there is one negative thing about the Backup Module,
it may be that using it causes a bit of battery drain. I checked the level of
the Visor batteries before and after, and they lose a good amount of power
performing the backup. Also the price may seem high to some, but I think that
it’s well worth it for the added piece of mind. And if you worry about where to
stow it, don’t! It’s so small, you can stow it just about anywhere.

Overall, if you have a Visor or are thinking of getting one, get
the Backup Module. It’s one of those
things that you hope you will never need, but you want to have anyway. If you
work in an office and are handling more than one Visor and Backup
for others in the company, you may want to label your Backup
so you don’t put the President’s data in the wrong module.


Great efficient way to back up all data and apps.
Very compact, can stow it just about anywhere.

Sucks up battery juice while transferring data.
Some may find it a bit pricey.


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