PDA Prop Review

The PDA Prop is a desk stand accessory
for PDAs that are no more than 3.25″ wide. I tested the PDA Prop with a
Palm V, Palm III, Visor and Casio E-100 for this review.

The PDA Prop is made of plastic and comes in a several different finishes:
Aluminum, Dark Burl, Light Burl, and Black. Even though the stand is light
weight, rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding around on your desk.

The inside of the stand is molded to hold the PDA. There are also slots in
the stand that you can place props that will adjust the viewing angle of the PDA
while it is in the stand. These props are two different sized plastic slats with
non slip tape on the edges. By placing these slats in the various slots, you can
adjust the viewing angle up to six different heights. The PDA Prop also has a
stylus / pen holder at the top.

The PDA Prop is useful for people that work at their desks all day and don’t
mind tapping on the screen while the PDA is not actually in their hand. I
personally feel uncomfortable doing this. I like to have the PDA in my hand
while I’m using it. I feels easier to me that way. So, while I was reviewing the
PDA Prop, I was constantly picking it up and not using it in the stand which
really defeated the purpose of the product. Although the PDA Prop looks nice and
does what it advertises, for the price it really doesn’t add any functionality
over the regular hotsync cradle which could also be used as a desktop stand.


Price: $33.95

Nice looking desk stand.
Multiple viewing angles.

Doesn’t do anything that the regular hotsync cradle already doesn’t do.

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