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Tokyoflash Japan introduces the Kisai Console Acetate White watch in very limited quantities

on March 26, 2014 9:00 am


If you collect Tokyoflash Japan’s watches, you’ll need to act quickly to get one of their new Kisai Console Acetate White watches.  They have a steel case, white acetate band, and a black mineral crystal lens and “sub-surface” LEDs.  You can turn on an LED animation for extra interest, if desired.  The watch uses rechargeable batteries that can be replaced when they no longer hold a charge.  The Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Console Acetate White watch is available at a special price of $99 until Thursday, March 27th at 11:00am Japan time; if any are still available, the price will increase after that time.


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    Andrew Baker says:

    ohhhh more pretty.

    This one has kinda a LCARS feel to it.

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